The Road to Perfect Emotional Relief

It all started, thanks to my impatience, back in 2009. I say “thanks to” because I have since learned to accept that I want fast results in most situations. Unfortunately, to my husband’s great annoyance as he is all too often interrupted by my urgent question “Can you get to the point, please?!”.


A very personal winning combination

But quite honestly, most people who know me would probably not describe me as the hot-tempered type – quite the opposite. I have a rather empathetic and calm side that needs nourishment in the form of depth, meaningfulness and spirituality.

Curiously enough, it is precisely this seemingly contradictory combination of zeal and sensitivity that has helped me find the most fascinating method to achieve stunning results in my own and my clients’ lives.

Amazingly good results and testimonials

Back in 2009, when I discovered that both doctors and nurses all over the world use EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique, I myself became an avid proponent of this overwhelmingly transformative method. I completely devoured everything that was available to read and watch in the form of books and instructional videos. 

I do not know how many webinars I listened to or how many client cases I read about, until my overwhelming realisation that I may have finally found the answer to my life long question: “What will I be when I grow up?”.

No more doubt about the impressive results

This was the beginning of a trying period. Would EFT Tapping hold up to standard in the long run? Was the method as revolutionary as others made it seem? After some time of experimenting with it on myself and others around me, I was undoubtedly convinced of its excellence. This method must be spread to everyone – HALLELUJAH!


I’d love to help you out – in just 10 minutes

Still, today, I’m amazed at how quickly my clients can go from despair to relief, and even joy – often in just a few minutes. And it doesn’t matter how long they’ve had their issue, sometimes even years – it works wonders no matter what.

So with the help of modern technology, you can get help for free in just a few minutes, if you sign up for my Get Emotional Relief – On The Spot session >

So what’s the secret sauce?

I’ve been working with this amazing method for over 10 years now, and the magic lies in that it’s holistic – it relieves the blockages in the entire bodily system: feelings, emotions, mindset, cell memory, hormones and more. 

This whole-body approach of getting emotional help is called psychoenergetics, and Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT-tapping for short, is my favorite.

So if you want to give it a try – I’d love to help you out. Welcome!


" I feel like a new person, Joanna. THANK YOU! I felt so helpless and limited, but now I feel optimism and saw some solutions I was blinded to before. I have struggled for so long - so thank you from the bottom of my heart! "
Karin B - social worker
After a private session

I’d love to help you! Hello, I’m Joanna Armstrong, and I have been a therapist and mentor since 2009. Primarily, I use the unusually efficient method called Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT-tapping, with my clients. 

You are welcome to try it for yourself >

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