How bad is Trauma? Can you get free?

Contrary to popular belief, it has been proven that trauma does not have to be dangerous, permanent, or even hard to get rid of – if you get the right help. Let me tell you more. 790 million people have Trauma Traumatic events and loss from violence, loss, accidents, and war affect at least 790 Read More

Is Emotional Freedom Technique the best?

Emotional frustration and distress is on the rise and can affect even the most successful person. Although there are many good methods to choose from, one stands out from the crowd. For many good reasons. Emotional Freedom Techniqe, EFT-tapping is a complimentary therapy combining the best aspects of several beneficial methods. Which means you get Read More

Get What You Want – EASILY

Every so often, the most clever and resourceful people will find themselves facing a wall of resistance, where determination and power is not enough. They are stuck. Time and time again, my otherwise successful clients complain about one particular difficulty. They get stuck and can’t get what they want, whether it’s a good feeling or Read More

Stop Faking Your Happiness and Success

Feel like your happiness is hard to come by, and success is due to luck, or that you’re somehow unworthy? For once it’s not about you; the cure lies in shifting your focus from yourself to other people. You are in good company  Are you bothered by feelings that you are inadequate and mediocre, despite Read More

Turn Off the Risk of Disease

Our feelings affect our genes: New techniques allow researchers to measure how our attitudes affect gene expression – showing how to turn off risk factors for disease. Remarkable new techniques show that negativity and loneliness turn on the inflammatory response – a risk factor for disease. Which, on the flip side, allows for self-empowerment via Read More