Success Guru shares best tip for Happiness

If you are ambitious and have high demands, it may sound like madness to step back in order to achieve success. But this is proven to be the best way, and one of the biggest success Gurus agrees. 

When you back away from a difficulty or challenge, you get a better perspective and the best solution can come to mind. Punching your forehead bloody while chugging along only gives you even more problems. And it’s the fastest way to certain burnout.


Go for Slow Happiness instead  

As children, we have been misprogrammed by the school system and well-meaning adults to believe that those with the best grades and the most stuff are the happiest. The science of happiness shows another picture. It is only when we go deep into our essence and focus on meaning that lasting happiness can germinate and grow deeper and deeper over time.

Always focus on Core Attributes

  • Purpose
  • Contentment
  • Well-being
  • Meaning

The success guru speaks from years of experience  

One of the world’s most popular success coaches, who helps the biggest companies in the world, owns about 30 companies himself, and earns more than most of us can only dream of, reveals his best Happiness Tip:

“I don’t care what it is you’ve achieved,
life is not about achieving goals,
life is about who you become in pursuit of those goals.”

– Tony Robbins

It’s all about Good Enough  

Tony Robbins does not believe in perfection, but rather that growth and progress based on meaningfulness is the best recipe for feeling great most of the time. “Good enough” is also the straightest road to the business top.

It’s not about who has the most or the best stuff, cars, houses, companies – it’s about who you become on the way. What kind of person you develop into. It’s more about the inside than the outside. 


" I feel like a burden has come off my shoulders. I haven't felt this light in for ever. "
Sara A - stay at home mom
After one group session in BlissyJoy VIP

Ref: This is the secret to happiness in one word, CNBC online, Catherine Clifford, 6 okt 2017.


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