Stop Sweating your Success – There’s an Easier Way!

You might think that you have to strive to be successful. It turns out that truly successful people make sure to prioritise their feelings, mindset and intuition for their biggest and easiest successes.


Are you set up properly to achieve your goal?

So many people have big dreams but fail to achieve them. 

Why is that, you wonder? 

In my 10 years of experience, the problem has nothing to do with their capacity to achieve those dreams… I truly believe that if you are capable of imagining a goal for yourself, you are absolutely capable of achieving that goal!

Instead, the problem is usually caused by overwhelm, stress and insecurities. 

After all, success comes with challenges: new skills to learn… new resources to acquire… new people to bring onto your support team… unexpected roadblocks to impede your progress… and big leaps of faith into unknown territory. All while taking care of the normal responsibilities of your regular life! 

That’s why the big players make sure to work on their weakest mindset first, in order to overcome seemingly “impossible” challenges and not let negative feelings ruin a desired outcome.


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Striving slows down your success

Here’s the thing about pushing through challenges and how you can view them instead…

Challenges always teach you something valuable or require you to grow, so if you see the challenge in a positive light, you won’t waste energy on being frustrated and overwhelmed. 

Dealing with a challenge provides you with valuable experience and knowledge that you can use to overcome similar challenges in the future. Worrying and feeling frustrated will only make things worse, add to your burden and slow you down. The smartest way to learn the lesson is to face that problem and deal with it head on, with a positive and self-loving mindset.

It turns out that the only way to make real progress in life and business is to take action and make it happen with the help of the energies you get from a positive mindset, not striving and forcing the process along in an overwhelmed and panicked state.

Make your success easy and smooth

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I’d love to help you! Hello, I’m Joanna Armstrong, and I have been a therapist and mentor since 2009. Primarily, I use the unusually efficient method called Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT-tapping, with my clients. 

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