Soothe your overwhelm and stress

Do you, or someone you care for, struggle with stress or overwhelm?
You are not alone – it has become a modern torment. I’ve helped many clients during my 10 years as a coach and mentor with some exceptional techniques, but now I want to be able to help in a bigger way.

So I’m starting up an online course in mid July 2020. However, I want to make sure I have not missed any of the very minute details. So as a way to gather research, I’m offering a limited number of free, 30-minute coaching calls so you can start freeing yourself from this struggle. I can pretty much guarantee you will feel better and come away with some very handy tools.

The deadline to book your support call is Fri July 3rd. These calls will be short, but powerful, so that we can address your specific stress and overwhelm issue. Please reply for a link to the booking calendar so we can meet when it suits you.

Please forward if you know someone else who might benefit from this opportunity.