So WHY aren’t you TRULY Happy?

This question, which I asked myself for years, became the start of a whirlwind adventure of discovery and revelations. After years of validating my insights, I now offer various solutions to helping people find true Joy and Happiness in their lives, based on the simple truth I found.


When will I ever find happiness?

If I’m really honest, painfully honest, all my life has revolved around finding happiness. Ever since I was a little girl, the main objective of every day existence was “How can I be happy?” 
So 50 years on, and many adventures later, I believe I have finally found the answer. But it seems I’ve been looking in all the wrong places.

Are you looking in the right places?

It started very early on, and you might know what I’m talking about: I’ll be happy when I get that pretty doll. I’ll be happy when I get that pair of trousers every teenager is raving about. I’ll be happy when I get the fancy education and job of my dreams. And so on, and so forth.
Well, strangely enough it didn’t. Every achievement was pleasant enough and most enjoyable in the very first moments of unwrapping and having it be mine, but very soon the novelty of the achievement faded and revealed a big gaping and familiar hole of “Now What?” This hole in my soul that kept aching, more or less, all the time.

The solution seems too simple to take seriously

So after chasing down one achievement or purchase after the other, and after feeling deflated yet a countless time, I finally started turning inward, and upward towards the skies, in a last desperate attempt to find an answer. 
And finally, after all the years of searching for the shiniest and best solution out there, the answer was revealed, so elegant and simple. It turns out it had been waiting for me on the inside, hiding in a barely noticeable sensation, covered up by bravado and achievements – you might know it as Love.


It is easy to feel truly, deeply joyful

Once I got to sample the phenomenal sensation of uncurbed love for no reason, and understood how easy it is to achieve it, it changed the trajectory of my entire life. 
Today, my mission is to spread how this possibility is waiting for each of us to start applying it. I’m here to say that the cliche is true, the song is correct – All you need is Love! 

Get heart-centered help and guidance TODAY 

So if you have tried getting truly happy on your own without much success, and would like some guidance and learn some short cuts on your way, you are welcome to join me and a few others in BlissyJoy >
DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER – Start choosing Love as your main focus, to get truly happy and healthy on every level in your life.

BlissyJoy was created to provide a service, based on cutting edge science and heart-centered practises, in order to facilitate personal growth and leadership empowerment – at work and at home.

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