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FINALLY, you can get a good nights sleep and soothing zzz’s, all night long. Stop tossing and turning, turn off your racing mind – and look forward to deep sleep very soon.



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You implement missing elements into your sleep routine



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No more Sleep Worries

Is it difficulty falling asleep, or are you waking up all hours of the the night?

Are you waking up too early and not feeling well-rested after a night’s sleep?

Do you suffer from daytime tiredness or sleepiness which leads to irritability and poor work performance?

Does it feel tiring to even think of having fun and meeting up with friends and family?

Have you been tossing and turning for a long time with a racing mind, or spending your bedtime hours solving problems instead of sleeping?

Are you exhausted during the day, yet can’t fall asleep at night?

Then you have everything to gain from this unusually effective program. You can look forward to restful nights and soothing sleep in a very short time.

Based on materials and findings from institutions, such as:

Apply the 3 Sleep Essentials

This is why you are not sleeping

In order to get the restorative sleep you are looking for, you must fix all 3 of the essential sleep areas. 

1 - Physical

The body is not producing enough sleep hormones

2 - Emotional

Thoughts and emotions are interfering with the sleep cycle

A Natural solution for Soothing sleep

Wake up rested

You can look forward to waking up rested with simple and natural means – and enjoy long nights of soothing and peaceful sleep on a regular basis. All we need to do is to makes a few specific tweaks to the essential sleep areas.

It does not matter how long you have struggled with this problem – you can start sleeping well in a very short time.

You too can get Restful results

Client Testimonials

I’ve lived like a zombie – been tired constantly – day in and day out. It’s such a relief that I can put it behind me now.

Annie - Administrator

I doubted I could get help, but now after the 4th session I can actually sleep normally again. Thank you so much Joanna!

Stefan - Lawyer

It’s almost too good to be true Joanna. After years of difficulties with interrupted sleep and waking up all hours of the night, I am finally sleeping peacefully and deeply.

Agnetha - Interior Designer

I have had serious difficulty sleeping for 5-6 years and had tried all sorts of sleeping tricks without much result. Now it takes a maximum of five minutes, then I have fallen asleep. If I have ever woken up during the night, I know what to do and quickly found sleep again. So nice! ”

Lottie - Business Owner

You get an Optimised solution

Everything will be tailored to your Sleep

In order to get you sleeping deeply very soon, we will meet 4 times online or my clinic to make sure to fix what is needed in an optimal and natural way. 

How I help clients sleep well

Case Studies

" My sleep is so much better Joanna. I had been taking a lot of sleeping pills for quite some time, but they stopped working. So I'm really grateful that this works. "

Fanny - Student

Fanny did not want to take medication any longer, so she came to me for a natural solution. After our first meeting it became clear that she thought she ate well, yet was actually missing some crucial nutritional requirements for melatonin production. In addition, Fanny was concerned over the wellbeing of an ailing parent. Once she implemented a better eating regime and got help coming to terms with the disease making her father ill, she could go back to sleeping properly again.

" It's crazy that it can be this simple. Joanna has helped me get a new life. My energy and drive is back. Too bad I did not get to grips with this before! "

Helene - Journalist

Helene had been for help at a few other institutions, but nothing seemed to help. After speaking to her for a few minutes, it was apparent that she spent most of her time in bed worrying whether she would fall asleep or not. Once she started applying the customised and soothing relaxation technique which transforms worries into calm, she started sleeping better. During our second session it became clear that Helene was eating energy stimulating foods too close to bedtime. Once this was corrected, she slept really well.

" I have to admit that I'm surprised because I've been struggling with sleep for so many years. Do not remember if it has ever been this good. I sleep much longer and can fall asleep again. No dreams - nothing. I am very pleased. Thanks Joanna. "

Eva - Retired Officer

Eva had worked diligently all her life, yet when she got home after being busy taking care of everybody else, she wanted to do things on her own terms. Which ment staying up late. Once she understood the price she was paying for not following her circadian rhythm, and letting go of the mindset sabotaging her well being, she began sleeping soundly.

Natural - with Fast Results

This is how I can help you

Since you are missing out on vital rejuvenation, I want to make sure you start sleeping well as soon as possible. The best way to get there is to meet online a few times, coupled with a few basic lessons on the foundation of good sleep.

About me

Joanna Armstrong

I assume that you’re looking for the best solution to get rid of your troubling feelings, and not wanting to drag things out any longer. That’s why I’m offering you my fast track method, based on over 13 years of running my wellness practice. I have helped amazing people, like yourself, get rid of deeply unwanted feelings and stuck behaviours. Everything from cravings and sleeping difficulties, to anxiety and phobias.

This sleep well solution is the culmination of successful results with countless clients, combined with cutting edge findings from from top notch institutions.

5 Quick facts about Joanna

  • 13 years as a certified EFT-coach and mentor.

  • Runs her clinic KnackPunkten in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Is writing her 2nd book – about the Power of Love.

  • Passionate about sharing simple yet effective solutions.

  • Is married, has 2 sons, 2 cats.

Featured in magazines

I had done everything to be able to sleep. Read every book and followed all the suggestions I could get my hands on. My medication wasn’t really helping and I was at the end of my rope when I went to see Joanna. I am so glad I did! I SLEEP NORMALLY AGAIN, after just one session. No more sleepless nights tossing and turning in desperation. You must see Joanna!

Sylvie - Bank Manager