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No other factor in medicine affects our health, quality and length of life more than feeling love.



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What if Love was an actual power you could use to get ahead in life? And what if you could heal your body and mind with this heart-centered force?

Well, it turns out you can. So if you want to explore this love power some more, then this is the summit for you.

Enjoy the combination of science, magic and actual life transformations in this fascinating line-up.

Based on materials and findings from institutions, such as:


Leaders in their field


Loving Politics

Marianne Williamson
A Course in Miracles Guru

Williamson argues that we must address the deeper, internal causes that have led to the current political dysfunction. We need a new, whole-person politics of love that stems not just from the head but from the heart, not just from intellectual understanding but from a genuine affection for one another. By committing to love, we will make a meaningful contribution to the joyful, fierce and disruptive energies that are rising at this critical point in time.


Spirituality for Love

Dr Robert Holden
Love Expert

Practical Spirituality for a Happy Life

If something seems to be missing in your life, ask yourself:
What am I not being?
What am I not giving?
What am I not receiving?

Music for Intuition

Ellen Whealton
14 years of influence

A near-death experience gave Ellen first-hand knowledge of the immense web of love and support that is available to us at all times. 

Ellen has developed an approach that combines transpersonal counseling, music therapy techniques, meditation, crystal singing bowls, journeying through essential oils, guided imagery and intuition. Her goal is to help you connect with something greater, recognize your untapped potential, and discover how to lead an inspired, content and harmonious life.

Make Money Doing Good

George Lista
Harvard Law School

Can you make money by doing good? How do you doi it practically?

Homelessness Consultant på Noah’s Ark.

Arbetar på Business, Charity & Sport Consultant på Remote Private Practice och Volunteer & Homelessness Consultant på Noah’s Ark – El Arca De Noe och Grant Funding Panel Expert + Monitoring & Evaluation Committee på Homeless Link

Magic of Gratitude

How to Birth a Book

The power of gratitude and how it can change your relationships almost in a magical way.

The Magic of Gratitude writing Release joyfully to connect gracefully The first steps of Goddess mastery

Music Therapy

John Chester
25 years of expertise

Music has the ability to change or adapt your emotions, for good or bad. 

Most people consciously use music as entertainment but subconsciously, as a drug. 

Music triggers the same part of the brain as love and anxiety, just through different paths to get there.

Breathe for Your Life

Vicky Aartsen
Wim Hof Breathing

The science behind breathing and its connection to the nervous system. 

After that I could say a few words about power and love. 

Try a breathing session to embody your Power and Love.

Your WHY for success

Zeina Habib
Allow your best version

In my interview, you will lear about these 3 interesting points : embracing all our parts, self love and how self love can enhance all our relationships

Believe to Make Reality

Tony Wechsler
Allow your best version

Your imagination and your subconscious mind are your greatest resources. Everything that has ever been created is first created in the mind. What do you want in life? Have your truly imagined it, as it is right in front of you? Can you feel deep inside that what you have imagined is real? Do you believe it? That’s where it all starts. Napoleon Hill taught that we can achieve anything we can conceive and believe. But most of us stop short at conceive. We SAY we believe, but we stop short of that true, magical belief that takes us there. How can we believe and go confidently in the direction of our dreams?

Magic of Stories

Jenny Dickinson Using Mythopoetic Realms

We need to engage the genius in the engine. The journey of enlightenment to the immensity our of our imaginative creative potential. 

We stand at the dawn of a brand new revolution – the birth of personal creativity from a place of true Love in alignment with the needs of our own hearts and the heart of the Earth.

Heart-centered Money

$10 M dollar business

A successful business is built from self love and self awareness. I believe we need more heart centered businesses to really serve the customers from empathy, compassion and love. 

Once we are self aware, we take care our own self (body, mind and spirit), we see that reflection in others. We will live from the gratitude and appreciate our clients for giving us the opportunity to serve them.


Spirituality for Love

Olga Guzman
Life Coach for 14 years

Magic Visualization to help my clients create a new realm where their brain can generate new connections and empowering beliefs to begin healing emotional wounds. As a result of the process, the clients will keep their newly founds beliefs and incorporate them into their daily lifestyle

Loving Neurons

Sharon Greenspan
Positive Neuroplasticity

We can use loving thoughts and memories to create new neurological pathways and create loving “trenches” in our brain.

Our thoughts become entrenched in our being and body as the path becomes deeper and wider.

Ramp up Self-Loving

Emmeline Craig
Using Mythopoetic Realms

Find out why it is so important to practice living in a state of love and how it benefits you and the world around you. 

Science tells us that extending love toward anything has an amazing effect on our biochemistry, so much so that it has a genuine healing power. 

You will be guided through a simple, but powerful, self-check exercise and help you be more aware about how much you do love yourself or not, and how to practice and increase unconditional self-love, starting today. 

Beyond Science is Magic

Yogic powers for 15 years

Love is just as vital as breath. In fact, many ancient cultures talk of breath interchangeably with love. Meaning breath keeps you alive but a loving breath is living life. 

Both Love and breath are critical and vital for our existence. It’s not negotiable. Science can now quantify Love to some degree. The body releases endorphins and hormones and these can be measured and you can be diagnosed as being in Love but this also means you are healthy emotionally and physically. You are vital and there is an exuberance about you. 

When you are in the field of Love, you are also more connected to Some SOURCE. Synchronicities start to happen, you see signs, opportunities show up, you are in the Flow. This is the magic of Love. What you see, what you hear, what you taste, and what you feel is now from a completely different vibrating field. Be Love.


Spirituality in Science

Claus Springborg
PhD research revealed

PhD research around sensory templates and how grounding our concepts in the felt sense experiences you can have during meditation leads you to live life from a place of abundance rather than lack. 

For example, you can ground the concepts of support, perseverance and confidence in the felt sense of relaxed immovability you can experience during meditation. Similarly, you can ground concepts, such as happiness. and inspiration in the felt sense of lightness you can experience during meditation. This really changes the possibilities you notice in life. 

60 managers participated in the study at Cranfield School of Management.

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Joanna Armstrong

I’m really lucky – I get to work with what I absolutely love doing. For the past ten years, I have had the privilege to help clients get rid of everything from cravings and manias to anxiety and phobias. I have helped my clients get rid of deeply unwanted feelings and stuck behaviours.

But a few years ago, I began to make contact with an inner voice and a feeling of breathtaking love that filled me with wonderful happiness and joy. Hence, my recent offerings are the results of this experience and the research supporting this kind of transformation.


.  10 years cert EFT-tapping therapist and mentor

.  Runs her private clinic KnackPunkten in Stockholm, Sweden

.  Is writing her 2nd book – about the Science of Love Power

.  Is passionate about simple yet effective solutions

.  Lives with her husband and 2 sons in the Swedish countryside

I have led groups, private workshops, held interviews and spoken on large stages to share my holistic solution.

My Interviews in Top Swedish Magazines:



BlissyJoy was created to provide a service, based on cutting edge science and heart-centered practises, in order to facilitate personal growth and leadership empowerment – at work and at home.