The growing body of evidence since the 1970s has demonstrates significant positive outcomes from EFT tapping in a wide range of areas including anxiety, worry, depression, PTSD, weight loss, trauma, phobias.

More recent studies show that EFT-tapping also improves health in areas such as fibromyalgia, psoriasis, tension headaches, frozen shoulder, pulmonary injuries, chronic pain, chemotherapy side effects, traumatic brain injury, insomnia, and seizure disorders.

Below are some of these studies.

5 QUICK FACTS on EFT Tapping

Reduce Anxiety up to 58%

Acupoint stimulation (Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT) has previously resulted in significant changes in stress biochemistry and psychological distress symptoms in a clinical trial, and this replication study confirmed the original outcomes: that 1 hr of tapping on acupoints results in a significant decrease in the stress hormone cortisol.


90% Better for Body and Mind

Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health. It is an evidence-based self-help therapeutic method and over 100 studies demonstrate its efficacy. Participants experienced significant decreases in anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, and cravings, and a significant increase in happiness.


Significant Improvement in Fibromyalgia

Upon completion of the 8-week program, statistically significant
improvements were observed for variables such as pain, anxiety, depression, vitality, social function, mental health, performance problems involving work or other activities due to physical as well as emotional reasons, and stress symptoms. In addition, pain catastrophizing measures, such as rumination, magnification, and helplessness, were significantly reduced.


Kaiser Permanente provides recommendations
for EFT tapping treatment of PTSD

Kaiser Permanente, one of America’s leading health care chains with over 10 million patients per year, has recently published a report in its peer-reviewed journal The Permanente Journal on the treatment of post-traumatic stress in war veterans. They also recommend a stepped model of care with 5 sessions of EFT therapy for subclinical (milder) PTSD and 10 for clinical (with severe symptoms). Adds group therapy, online aids and social support. Read the entire article here or a summary in The Huffington Post.


The mechanisms behind EFT’s effectiveness and quick results

David Feinstein, PhD, in his new article Energy psychology: Efficacy, speed, mechanism provides scientific explanations for how EFT works. Two interesting hypotheses as to why, as well as good arguments for those who are skeptical. The article published in the journal Explore. Read the full article here.

Overeaters’ brainwaves improve after EFT

Dr. Peta Stapleton, who last year published a study on EFT and emotional overeating, is currently working on a project in which brain scanning is used to detect changes in the brain after treatment with EFT. The study is coming later this year. Look out! Read more >


What seemed impossible - can now be healed with EFT
Christiane Northrup
Specialist Doctor
The methods of the future
are already here
Gunilla Brattberg
Specialist Physician, pens, Karolinska Institute
Quickly improved,
soon problem-free
Nils-Olof Jacobson
Specialist Physician, researcher
Simple, pleasant and astonishingly effective techniques
Inkeri Barenthin
Docent, Professor, Karolinska Institutet


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