How Psychoenergetics Help in Healing

Swedish Crown Princess with Professor Alain Aspect, one of the awardees for the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for ground breaking insights in quantum teleportation.

NO MORE SOFT SCIENCE: We live in a time where the intangible effects of psychology are becoming measurable. The field of Psychoenergetics can point to specific changes in matter, when our mind is determined.

You can steer physical outcomes

Psychoenergetics is the cutting edge possibility of sending intentions across a distance, and getting the desired results.
The quality and the power of the intention makes the difference. The quality of an intention is based on the human’s consciousness while the power of the intention is strongly dependent on the emotional desire of the intender.

To maximize the human’s communication ability, one needs to greatly:

  • Broaden the bandwidth of expression (give more things meaning)
  • Increase the signal power (to broadcast to a greater area) 
  • Decrease the interference (fears, uncertainties, personal ego)

Since we learned to broadcast via a new, subtle energy to humans at locations all around the earth - we have significantly alleviated various ailments.

Such as cognitive function and physical health benefits - as well as significant reduction of depression and anxiety.

Nobel Prize for distance influence 

Using groundbreaking experiments, Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger have demonstrated the potential to investigate and control particles that are in quantum entangled states. What happens to one particle in an entangled pair determines what happens to the other, even if they are seemingly too far apart to be able to affect each other. 

These findings support the fascinating discovery made by CIA agent Cleve Backster back in 1966, where he noticed that speaking harshly or lovingly to a plant made it wilt or thrive, respectively. It demonstrates the phenomenon that  every emotion, intention or idea that comes from our bodies can be transformed into energy which affects matter. 

The plants were healed by loving energy, so naturally the same goes for us humans.

Nobel Prize winning research shows that two or more physical particles can share the same state - regardless of how far apart they are.

Learn to direct your own energies 

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