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What if Love was an actual power you could use to get ahead in life? And what if you could heal your body and mind with this heart-centered force?

Well, it turns out you can, with Love Science.


Our feelings affect materia

As an emotional freedom expert, my first love is human change and improvement. I can spend hours delving into what is going on in the fringe areas of science to discover yet more potential for human growth and development. Recently, my focus has been on the exciting field of Love Science in particular.

So recently I discovered that the great thinker and scientist, Dr William A Tiller PhD, has proven that there’s a new level of physical reality, beyond atoms and molecules as we’ve been taught. This reality is based on Information Wave Substance, where thoughts, feelings and intentions create materia. Dr Tiller calls this phenomenon Psychoenergetic Science.


" A new door has been opened where human intentions and emotion will play a much greater role in science and technology. It's called Psychoenergetic Science.

Dr William A Tiller, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Stanford University
and Tiller Foundation.

Your vibes alter the body

As you might remember from basic physics class, empty space is not empty, it contains all kinds of “stuff”, and some of that stuff is sound waves and light waves. Well, now it turns out that the feelings we have emit something Dr Tiller calls Information Wave Substance and this substance attaches itself to light waves with the help of magnetism. 

It follows, that the feelings and intentions we send out carry information and commands that are read and de-coded by a receiving entity, humane or material. Our vibes make a difference.

Joy is the best solution

In my program Happiness Training – with Cutting Edge Science, we practice Dr Tiller’s recipe for creating the best outcome in all areas of life; and he says: 

1. Be joyful, adventurous and confidently reflective and purposeful in all acts of life.
2. Maintain balance and harmony - and only heal others via "overflow".

SO TRY DR Tiller’s mantra: As a daily silent reflection, you can use Dr Tiller’s mantra to set yourself up for good thoughts and intentions.

Divine love, divine love, divine love (heart center focus)
Divine will, divine will, divine will (throat center focus)
Divine light, divine light, divine light (crown center focus)
Divine wisdom, divine wisdom, divine wisdom (forehead focus)
… are being manifest and materialized in the name of the divine

I stand in the light of the divine.
No foolish thoughts, 
No false imagery,
No fears and no forebodings, 
can come near this light within me – for I love it and I serve it!


DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER – Start choosing your vibes to improve your feelings and to get really happy and healthy.


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