Let Go – to be happy

Are you postponing your true happiness? Hoping that more love, money, sex, food, fun, vacations will get you there? Well, I’d like to share, from my own experience, that you don’t need to wait at all for the happiness that matters.

“Nothing” is needed to be deeply happy

In any moment, whenever you want, you can experience a profound sense of peace, contentment, and deep joy by simply allowing yourself to let go.

This does not mean that you need to give up on your goals – on the contrary. It only means that you will move forward in your life in a much better state. And it will make your goal reaching so much easier.

A simple way to do this is when you notice that you want more, and when you’re digging in to get it, to instead ask yourself, “Could I allow myself to relax about it?”

Allowing yourself to have even a little more feeling of backing off will open you up to a state of calm that you didn’t even know was possible.

When we are caught on the endless treadmill of wanting and striving, we miss the abundance that we already have. So, by allowing yourself to pause, even for an instant, to notice and appreciate what you already have right now, you step off the hamster wheel and can start to enjoy your life as it is meant to be enjoyed.

Worry less about cholesterol and more about gratitude and forgiveness.

Happiness is turning a lemon into lemonade 

It is social aptitude, not intellectual brilliance or social class, that leads to successful and happy aging. 

It is the habitual use of mature coping styles – ways of making a lemon into lemonade, appreciating what you already have and making good use of it, says George E. Vaillant, MD, who is in charge of the study which stared in 1937. This is the most powerful predictor of successful and happy aging.


Successful aging is a choice

The genes can be improved by lifestyle choices, both mental and physical. But more affluence is not the key to a happy, healthy life. The chase and struggle can turn on you and cause real troubles. 

Being able to afford better doctors, hospitals, and healthcare is unrelated to health or longevity, says Vaillant. 

People who can afford expensive doctors are sicker than people who don’t go to the hospital in the first place. Having better doctors and hospitals is a bit like locking the barn after the horse is out. The trick is not going to hospitals in the first place.


Want to practice happiness skills?

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