Here are your JV materials
for the Heart Powered Success Course.

Launch March 13 - April 3

You will find all you need for a successful JV-launch on this page.

You get a 50% commission for every person that buys the course via your personal promotion JV-link. 

The Kartra platform tracks who buys from your link, so make sure to use it in every contact – via email and social media. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions.

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Step 1

handles the JV tracking

If you have current Kartra JV link(s), or your own Kartra account, then sign in with YOUR Kartra login details.

  • Only share your own JV-link – it tracks every purchase.

  • Fill out your bank details at a later date.

  • Kartra will send you an email with your JV login.


Step 2

  1. You help me to promote the free, 90 min, live course.

  2. In the course, I sell a follow-up, paid training that will start one week later.

  3. You get a 50% commission for each of your leads that purchase the follow-up training.


Step 3

  • Start promoting the Free Course using the downloadable texts and images below.
  • Feel free to make the text even more personal, in your own voice and style.
  • Send out 3 emails and social media posts BEFORE close of cart.
  • Send out 1 email and social media post 1-2 days AFTER close of cart.

  • Tag me in your posts, for higher reach and a bigger commission.


Download all texts

Download image 1

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About me

Joanna Armstrong: Cert EFT Practitioner, 2009

KNOWN AS: The Love Power mentor

MY MISSION: BlissyJoy.com was created to provide success and empowerment support, based on cutting edge science and heart-centered practises.To facilitate personal growth and leadership empowerment.


TARGET AUDIENCE: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals


What people say about me

Embraces her rights

" After a few sessions I feel grounded and confident to stand up for who I am and what I want. "

Christine Nordgren Interior Designer

Highly powerful

" Have had some powerful and transformational sessions with Joanna. Can't recommend her highly enough. She takes good care of you in a sympathetic and professional way. Regardless of whether it is a candy craving or some other more serious problem."
Alexander Herold, Business owner

Better than 2 yrs of therapy

" Joanna has in 7 sessions helped me do inner child work on a level that i have not come close to during 2 years of regular talk therapy. She is very good at was she does. "
Kristoffer Johnsen, CTO

Huge results after 1 session

" I hade a session with Joanna and we were working on my fear of diseases. Before the session I had been nervous, very sad and angry about it for a long time. After that one session I have been calm, felt strong and really happy! It is the best technique I have ever used, so easy and so very powerful! "
Annica Edvardsson, Mental trainer, NLP practioner