Get Emotional Freedom - on the spot

Experience the shift of emotions from worry, anxiety or overwhelm – to ease, calm and satisfaction. Learn how to improve your energy state – any time you wish.


Overcome stress, frustration and other unwanted feelings in this live group training online, by using the Joy Mastery method (EFT-tapping PLUS).

Based on materials and findings from institutions, such as:

Are your feelings running your life?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you snap at everyone around you? Is it difficult being at peace with yourself?

Or is it even worse?


You don't recognize yourself anymore, and feel "odd".

The energy is low, maybe even completely drained.


The day gets ruined from feeling powerless.

You take out your frustration on your kids or partner​.


You get tired just thinking of doing fun things.

You’ve had enough of having life be this frustrating.


Your ego feels bruised, and you doubt your abilities.

It feels worse and worse as time goes by.

This training is for professionals and entrepreneurs who don’t want to settle for emotional fatigue and frustration any longer. You can eliminate everything from cravings and sleeping difficulties, to anxiety and phobias.

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May 17, 2022 19:00 Stockholm, 1PM New York

NO RECORDING – for participants privacy. 

I am about to launch a 50 min FREE LIVE transformational training where you can get help with your particular issue. I will email you the Zoom link a few days before we meet up.

Success stories to inspire your journey

Alert and strong

"Since we've started, I have been more alert and feeling stronger than before. I've felt a greater positive effect on my fatigue than with yoga, meditation and the rest. Absolutely fantastic!"
Tatiana - bank manager

Stress is gone

"Thank you Joanna, I feel so much better, with a peaceful feeling in my entire body. The stress and hopelessness is gone. This method seems to work, which makes me thrilled."
Elisabet - business owner

Calm and happy

"I went from being crushed to feeling happy and just smiling. Awesome to be able to get the calming effect after just a few minutes of Joanna's guidance. Didn't think it could be this good in such a short time."
Kicki - mother of ADHD-son

PTSD is gone

I had taken my daughter to all the proper institutions for years, with rather mediocre results. Finally she has been treated for PTSD by Joanna with VERY GOOD RESULTS. I'm sending my son now.
Eva - police officer

No fear of flying

"You are my heroin Joanna. I could never imagine I would be calm and stable during the flight, after just one session with you!"
Peter - IT manager

The pressure is gone

"I wish I had found you sooner - it would have saved me so much struggle at work! I can see that I was letting myself be squeezed in between the office partners and my team. "
Paula - lawyer

Meet the Expert

Joanna Armstrong

I assume that you’re looking for the best solution to get rid of your troubling feelings, and not wanting to drag things out any longer. That’s why I’m offering you my fast track method, based on over 13 years of running my wellness practice. I have helped amazing people, like yourself, get rid of deeply unwanted feelings and stuck behaviours. Everything from cravings and sleeping difficulties, to anxiety and phobias.

The Joy Mastery Training is the culmination of successful results with countless clients, combined with cutting edge findings from from top notch institutions.

5 Quick facts about Joanna

  • 13 years as a certified EFT-coach and mentor.

  • Runs her clinic KnackPunkten in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Is writing her 2nd book – about the Power of Love.

  • Passionate about sharing simple yet effective solutions.

  • Is married, has 2 sons, 2 cats.

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