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Stop sabotaging your happiness and success – and boost the feelings that make you empowered for natural and easy abundance.

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6 week TRAINING - online >

Learn how to use Love Power to eliminate troubling feelings in seconds.

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Implementation and training of what has been learned in the 5 week course.


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My mission

I help leaders at work and at home to get happy - Because happy people make more sustainable decisions and the world can become a more heart-centered place.

About me

Joanna Armstrong

KNOWN AS: Emotional Success Expert

MAIN PROGRAM: Take charge of your feelings in seconds - for easier success.

50% JV commission.

MY MISSION: I have been called to help leaders at work and at home to feel really good, because happy leaders make better decisions for the world.

COMPANY: BlissyJoy.com was created to provide a service, based on cutting edge science and heart-centered practises, in order to facilitate personal growth and leadership empowerment.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Professionals. I help leaders improve their feelings and mindset - in seconds - for natural and easy success.




What people say about me

Better than 2 yrs of therapy

" Joanna has in 7 sessions helped me do inner child work on a level that i have not come close to during 2 years of regular talk therapy. She is very good at was she does. "
Kristoffer Johnsen, CTO

Huge results after 1 session

" I hade a session with Joanna and we were working on my fear of diseases. Before the session I had been nervous, very sad and angry about it for a long time. After that one session I have been calm, felt strong and really happy! It is the best technique I have ever used, so easy and so very powerful! "
Annica Edvardsson, Mental trainer, NLP practioner

Highly powerful

" Have had some powerful and transformational sessions with Joanna. Can't recommend her highly enough. She takes good care of you in a sympathetic and professional way. Regardless of whether it is a candy craving or some other more serious problem."
Alexander Herold, Business owner

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