Is Emotional Freedom Technique the best?

Emotional frustration and distress is on the rise and can affect even the most successful person. Although there are many good methods to choose from, one stands out from the crowd. For many good reasons.

Emotional Freedom Techniqe, EFT-tapping is a complimentary therapy combining the best aspects of several beneficial methods. Which means you get the best of the best when you use Emotional Freedom Technique.

According to a 2016 meta-analysis in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, EFT-tapping significantly reduces anxiety. 

But research also shows that EFT-tapping improves:

  • Pain
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Food Cravings
  • Happiness
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cortisol
  • Immune System

It doesn’t need to take years 

In many ways EFT-tapping comes across as a miraculous method, and for that reason it can be questionable, even by the most in need of its efficient solution. 

But for those who have had the privilege to eliminate troubling emotions and behaviors with this method, there are no doubts, what so ever. 

In fact, for rather complicated and difficult problems such as PTSD, studies show that between 4-10 EFT sessions is enough for an effective treatment.”

Tapping significantly reduced anxiety amongst study participants.

You get the best of the best 

When you look closer, it turns out that EFT-tapping is actually not one method but several. It has a holistic approach and addresses the many aspect of what causes troubling feelings or negative behaviors. It is a neatly packaged power house of a solution.

Overall, there are 5 solid methods included to get the efficient results:

CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Acupressure Therapy

Use it anytime and anywhere

EFT-tapping has been found to be effective in alleviating headaches, fatigue, sleep problems, muscle tension, joint problems, and other health related problems.

And the practical EFT-tapping method for dealing with these things can be practiced anywhere, at any time, so no matter when or where you may experience negative thoughts and feelings, you can deal with them effectively on the spot

Start HERE – right away 

There is a simple formula to follow if you want to achieve your desires quicker and easier. I can show you how it’s done and you can practice today. Learn more about the Feel Better Faster Solution, a simple step-by-step training that is customized to you. 

DISCLAIMER: It won’t work by just watching – you have to follow along with the instructions to get the results you are looking for 🙂

REFERENCE to Joanna Armstrong

" Just the thought of flying used to get me into a frenzy, so you can imagine how free I feel after all the years of worry and panic. My fear is gone after 6 sessions. Thank you for your amazing solution Joanna! "
Massage Therapist

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Hello, I am Joanna Armstrong, and I have been a coach and mentor since 2009. Primarily, I use the unusually efficient method Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT-tapping, with my clients. 

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