Learn the secrets of


10 weeks to Emotional Leverage
in Business and Work

(without spending years in therapy)

Put a stop to the negative emotions and thought patterns that are working against you, sabotaging your goals and ambitions.

Eliminate those stifling feelings that suddenly take over your entire body. The ones that leave you feeling helpless, and with your heart pounding in your chest. What’s even worse is when those feelings start to cloud your otherwise sharp and capable mind, blurring your thoughts and making it challenging to focus on anything except for how to make the sensation go away.

Stop being disappointed or angry with yourself because you haven’t found a way to overcome these embarrassing emotions on your own, even after all this time. It can be disheartening, and I feel for you. It’s like being trapped in a never-ending cycle of frustration,  that is forever out of reach. 

You may have tried other solutions, therapies, or techniques, but you feel irritated and disappointed that nothing seems to provide lasting and meaningful relief. You might even feel defeated, wondering if there’s something wrong with you or if you’ll ever break free from this negative cycle.

Stop beating yourself up – you’re not alone. Challenging emotions have become a modern torment for ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals like yourself. Many others have traveled this weary path, feeling the same weight on their shoulders and the same doubts in their mind.

There is hope – I have a soul-soothing solution for you that my previous clients are raving about. I can teach you how to take charge of your negative emotions and your “monkey mind” to feel good in any situation, whenever you decide.

BETTER THAN Talk Therapy

Better than 2 yrs of therapy

" Joanna has in 7 sessions helped me do inner child work on a level that i have not come close to during 2 years of regular talk therapy. She is very good at was she does. "
Kristoffer Johnsen, CTO

Peaceful at work

" I wish I had found you sooner - it would have saved me so much struggle at work! I can see that I was letting myself be squeezed in between the business partners and my team. I have finally found my way of putting down my foot, without feeling guilty or inappropriate. "
Paula Green - Lawyer

Works very well

" The tapping methodology has proven to work very well for me, especially with you as a guide. You do it in such a professional way with your calm and understanding voice. One can feel that you are experienced Joanna. "
Karin Eriksson, Garden Designer

Tackle Challenges WITH EASE

Imagine a life where you no longer feel overwhelmed or stressed by the constant pressure to keep up with perfection. A life where you have the mental resilience to tackle any challenge that comes your way. That’s exactly what this program is all about – equipping you with the tools and strategies to thrive, not just survive.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we’ll dive deep into the core issues that ruin so many business leaders’ and professionals’ happiness today. Through a combination of personalized coaching, interactive group meetings, and transformative training, you will develop the mindset and skills necessary to thrive in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.


You can look forward to:

  • Better ability to handle difficult situations and challenges.

  • Improved control over emotions and reactions.

  • More positive outlook and attitude towards work.

  • Increased motivation and determination to achieve goals.

  • Better concentration and efficiency in tasks.

  • Less stress and anxiety in business settings.

  • Improved relationships with coworkers and clients.

  • Reduced feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.

  • Enhanced leadership skills for oneself and others.

  • Increased ability to adjust to change and uncertainty.

  • Reduced negative thoughts and self-criticism.

  • Increased satisfaction and fulfillment in work.

No Need for a LONG PROCESS

Bypass the difficulties and jump straight to happiness

Too many people get stuck on trying to solve their issues, when the solution is to take help from a place of deep and soulful, authentic joy. Letting the positive energy aid in dissolving some, most, or all of the issues at hand. Countless studies support this occurrence, with the placebo effect being one of the best known parts of this phenomenon.

The Happy Soul Course, combines the most effective and tried methods, such as the liberating Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT-tapping, the joyful teachings of Positive Psychology and the cutting edge discoveries of Energetic Bliss Enhancement (I call it Love Power). 

Start practicing and watch it create rapid changes in your business and private life.

Countless driven leaders, powerful professionals and heart-centered business owners have been thrilled at how effective and life changing this training is. 

You will learn to turn things around in a matter of minutes, even seconds, with this surprisingly simple method.


10 weeks - Live Group Meetings Online + 1:1 session

Start learning and practising this powerful method to get yourself in a healing, calm, and light state in no time – whenever YOU want to. You get personal guidance, easily digestible lessons and practical assignments as you go along.



  • 10 group meetings á 90-min with individual guidance
  • Hands-on implementation, practice, and Q&A during meetings
  • Meetings recorded for repeat viewing (with private/sensitive information removed)
  • Private 1:1 Session(s) for faster advancement
  • 10-week Course: self-paced lessons include background information
  • Learn effective and science-based emotional transformation tools like EFT-tapping, EMDR, and Energetic Bliss Enhancement
  • Progress incentives for fast results
  • Come away with a customized roadmap for your next steps after the course


Soothe your emotions Learn the quickest way to feel calming relief.

Eliminate sabotaging feelings Clear out what is in your way, so you can get ahead feeling strong and optimistic.

Strengthen what works Feel proud of your current achievements and use them as momentum ahead.

Boost your joy Learn the proven system to boost your positive feelings for an optimistic resolve.

Dream Big and Bold Envision and plan the simplest way to reach your abundant work-life goal.

Enjoy self empowerment Put together your own roadmap and get excited seeing your achievable steps.


BONUS:  Weekly accountability check-ups and nudges, to make sure that you are getting results.

BONUS:  100 customized Self-Talk Prompts for turning a negative mindset into a positive.

BONUS:  Lifetime access to the course – Rewatch as often as you want and need.

We Start Wed Feb 14, 2024 – for 10 weeks
10 AM Los Angeles
1 PM New York
19:00 Stockholm

This is FOR YOU

Uncover your inner brilliance
The specially curated modules will guide you step-by-step to identify your unique strengths, passions, and purpose. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to unwavering self-belief.

Master your mindset
Take control of your thoughts and emotions through powerful mindset techniques. Learn how to develop rock-solid resilience, eradicate self-sabotage, and cultivate a winning mentality that guarantees success in all areas of your life.

Ignite your motivation
Tap into an unlimited source of motivation that will keep you driven and focused on your goals. Our program will help you overcome procrastination and provide you with the strategies to stay inspired, even during challenging times.

Build unstoppable confidence
Develop bulletproof confidence that radiates in all aspects of your life. Say goodbye to social anxiety and shyness as you learn proven techniques to boost your self-esteem and effortlessly connect with others.

Unlock your full potential
Discover the secrets to unleashing your hidden talents and abilities. Our program will empower you to go beyond what you thought was possible, allowing you to achieve remarkable results in your personal and professional life.

Create lasting success
Step-by-step, you will craft a personalized roadmap for success. We will guide you in setting goals, breaking them down into actionable steps, and creating a plan to achieve them. With our unwavering support, you’ll experience an unprecedented level of achievement.

LISTEN HERE to previous clients

New thought patterns

" Joanna is very professional, calm, and trustworthy. She listens and guides in a gentle way. I highly recommend her when you need to change your thought patterns."
Mia Neidenmark - Entrepreneur


Can stand my ground now

" I feel so much better about standing up for my values and point of view. My whole body feels lighter and energized. I felt better in the very first session. "​
Christine Nordgren
Interior Designer


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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT-tapping) + EMDR
+ Positive Psychology + Energetic Bliss Enhancement

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Choose the plan that suits you best. No stress, just progress towards emotional empowerment.

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  • QuickStart Training
  • 10 Practice Group Meetings
  • 10 Guided Self-Paced Lessons
  • Individual Road Map
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Guidance in Private FB Group
  • BONUS: Accountability Check-ups
  • BONUS: 100 Self-Talk Prompts
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access


  • 1 PRIVATE 1:1 Session
  • QuickStart Training
  • 10 Practice Group Meetings
  • 10 Guided Self-Paced Lessons
  • Individual Road Map
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Guidance in Private FB Group
  • BONUS: Accountability Check-ups
  • BONUS: 100 Self-Talk Prompts
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access


  • 1 PRIVATE 1:1 Session
  • QuickStart Training
  • 10 Self-Paced Lessons
  • Individual Road Map
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Guidance in Private FB Group
  • BONUS: Accountability Check-ups
  • BONUS: 100 Self-Talk Prompts
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access

ABOUT Joanna Armstrong

I am one of the lucky ones – for the past ten years, I have had the privilege to quickly help clients get rid of everything from cravings and manias to anxiety and phobias. I have helped my clients get rid of deeply unwanted feelings and stuck behaviours.

But a few years ago, I began to make contact with an inner voice and a feeling of breathtaking love that filled me with wonderful happiness and joy. The freedom and happiness training in BlissyJoy, and the channeling of the love book, are the results of this experience.



.  15 years as cert EFT-practitioner and mentor

.  Runs her private clinic KnackPunkten in Stockholm, Sweden

.  Is writing her 3rd book – about the Science of Love Power

.  Is passionate about simple yet effective solutions

.  Offers Freedom and Happiness Training at BlissyJoy.com

Based on studies from:


Performance anxiety is gone

" THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, for your warm presence and safe support. Your insightful guidance made me see and release the connections that kept me trapped and unable to act. Now I feel hope and strength to continue forward towards my calling. What a wonderful feeling! "
Karin Bergquist - Entrepreneur

Highly powerful

" Have had some powerful and transformational sessions with Joanna. Can't recommend her highly enough. She takes good care of you in a sympathetic and professional way. Regardless of whether it is a candy craving or some other more serious problem."
Alexander Herold, Business Owner

Huge results after 1 session

" Before working with Joanna, I had been nervous, very sad and angry for a long time. After one session I have been calm, felt strong and really happy! It is the best method I have ever used, so easy and so very powerful! "
Annica Edvardsson, Mental trainer, NLP practioner


Get life-improving empowerment in business and work

This High-End Program isn’t just another band-aid fix or short-term solution. It’s a comprehensive, life-improving experience that will empower you to become the best version of yourself – an unstoppable business leader who can navigate any challenge with ease.

But here’s the thing – this program isn’t for everyone. It’s specifically designed for ambitious individuals who are ready to invest in themselves and commit to personal growth. If you’re looking for a quick-fix or a magic pill, then this program may not be the right fit for you.

However, if you’re truly dedicated to overcoming the struggles that are holding you back, then I urge you to take action now. Don’t let another day go by feeling overwhelmed and limited. The Happy Soul course is your opportunity to break free from the chains of endless demands and embrace a life of success, balance, and fulfillment. Take the first step towards a life of unlimited potential. You deserve it!

So, are you in?

Sign up below knowing you have a 60-day guarantee to fall back on. I can’t wait to start helping you toward the wonderful state of mind you deserve!

With heart,
Joanna Armstrong


You will most likely feel better in the Quick Start Training or our very first group meeting, and then go from clarity to clarity every week.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see positive changes that stick with you after just a few sessions! And remember, the more you practice throughout the course, the easier it will become for you to overcome any negative emotions on your own, for good.

Going through the lesson will take 15-20 min. The pleasant daily practice will take 2-5 minutes here and there – ideally 3-4 times per day. No worries if you miss a few days – you can always catch up as you go along.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-tapping) combines Chinese acupressure and modern talk therapy to alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once. No fancy equipment needed.

Positive Psychology is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play – learning positivity, resilience and grit.

The science of cutting edge metaphysics and Energetic Bliss Enhancement, endorsed by renowned scholarly institutions, show that your feelings and intentions play a vital role in how things materialise and affect your mind and body. 

This is a hands-on program where you train yourself to feel really good in a matter of minutes. That is why you need to practice each step, and not just rush through the facts. Knowledge alone won’t bring about change. Hence, every week you will get a new, easily digestable element of the course to practice in your life.

In addition to our private one-on-one meeting(s), you can ask questions via FB or e-mail as much as you want. I check into the group a few times per day.

You get a full 60-day money back guarantee – no questions asked. This is how sure I am that you will be happy with your results.

All you need to do is go through 60 days of the course and meetings, which will also act as your accountability incentive.

You pay the first payment before we begin, and the with 30-day intervals.

I would love to hear from you if you have more questions. So please email me at answer@blissyjoy.com


I want to make it easy to start.

So what if my methods would actually work for you, as they have for countless of my previous clients? How would that feel, and how would it change your life?

To make your decision easier you can go through most of the program to decide if it’s right for you. You have nothing to lose, as you get a full 60-day money back guarantee.

This is how sure I am that you will be pleased with your results. All you need to do is to go through the lessons and meetings/recordings and implement it for 60 days.

This guarantee also acts as your accountability

You have nothing to loose.


BlissyJoy was created to provide a service, based on cutting edge science and heart-centered practises, in order to facilitate personal growth and leadership empowerment.

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