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LEARN HOW to quickly switch from stress, worry, and overwhelm into a state of empowerment and joy – in business, work and home.


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Learn to control your feelings

No matter what challenge you are facing

Are you, like many other successful people, tired of feeling stressed out, worried, frustrated and overwhelmed? And are you ready to make a positive shift in your life and find authentic empowerment? Then you’re in the right place! Welcome to the 15-Day Emotional Power-Up Bootcamp!

In this transformative training, I will guide you step-by-step on a journey towards emotional empowerment. Together, we will break free from the chains of stress and overwhelm, allowing you to thrive in your business, work, and home life.

Imagine waking up every morning feeling energized and excited about the day ahead. No more dreading the never-ending to-do list or feeling weighed down by the pressures of life. No more fearing those awkward conversations with people who trigger you. Instead, you’ll discover a newfound sense of inner peace and confidence that will radiate in every aspect of your life.

During this bootcamp, you’ll learn powerful techniques to shift your mindset, manage your emotions, and create a positive and empowering environment around you. Whether it’s dealing with challenging clients, demanding bosses, or juggling a busy household, you’ll have the tools to handle any situation with grace and ease.

But this isn’t just another how-to program. This bootcamp is designed to be action-oriented and results-driven. Each day, I will share practical exercises, strategies, and insights that you can implement immediately. No fluff, no wasted time – just powerful, tangible steps towards your emotional empowerment.

The last of the human freedoms: To choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.

VIKTOR FRANKL, psychiatrist

Get the most efficient tools

You Get short, impactful lessons and exercises

Don’t worry if you think you’re too busy or that you’ve tried everything before. This bootcamp is specifically designed for busy individuals like yourself. With short, impactful lessons and various exercises and techniques that fit into your busy schedule, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your life can start transforming.


       … and MUCH, MUCH MORE.


" I was so stressed out and didn't feel like myself anymore, but after a few minutes of practicing I burst out into an elated smile for no reason at all! It actually came from the inside and I felt strong and proud, and yet my circumstances were still the same. "
" You have given me hope again. My friend told me how you had helped her, and I'm so glad I listened. My ordinary life has a shimmering silver lining now and everything seems easier. I am so grateful for your insights and loving personality Joanna! I can't wait to continue. "
" I must admit it seemed a bit impossible to change my feelings as quickly as you claimed, but you were right Joanna. It feels better already and I see my partner in a new light, after our first meeting - AMAZING! And to think I have been frustrated for so long. "

We can choose how we want to be in each and every moment, regardless of what external circumstances we find ourselves in.

JILL BOLTE TAYLOR, Harvard University

Change doesn't need to take time

It turns out that you don’t need to struggle for long. When you shift your focus away from the analytical side of your mind, you can tap into feelings of happiness and contentment that are often overshadowed by constant brain chatter.

Science shows that a constant reaction to things beyond our control not only creates misery but it also shortens our lives. In 15 days you can learn the science based Emotional Relief Routine and the U-technique you can turn around your negative feelings in seconds.

Achieve Self Empowerment

Replace struggle with the confidence that resides naturally in your core.

Learn the Best Techniques

Start using some science based, cutting edge empowerment methods.

Get Pleasant Bonus Effects

You can look forward to becoming calmer, more satisfied and shrug things off easily.


About me

Joanna Armstrong

For the past 15 years, I have been helping clients get rid of everything from cravings to anxiety and phobias. I have helped people get rid of deeply unwanted feelings and stubbornly stuck behaviors.

I share the very best solutions, backed by science and practical applications. It has helped countless of my clients – and it can help you too.

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