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Every so often, the most clever and resourceful people will find themselves facing a wall of resistance, where determination and power is not enough. They are stuck.

Time and time again, my otherwise successful clients complain about one particular difficulty. They get stuck and can’t get what they want, whether it’s a good feeling or a desired object. Can you relate?

As you may know by now, my MO is simplicity and ease and I would love to show you how easily it can be done >

The solution is so easy 

So what is the easiest way to get unstuck so you can get what you want? 

You will probably find my solution simplistic and a truism, yet my otherwise successful clients find themselves helpless without it.

For ambitious and driven people that are used to power on, it might seem ridiculous to get ahead and achieve desired results without pushing forward with head strong determination and, often time, exhausting exertion.

But I have seen time and time again, that going against years of traditional success advice works wonders. 

What seems to work absolutely best in order to get ahead faster is backing off. 

But before you say No Way, in a frown and a huff – let me explain.

You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find real strength.

Make sure to do it right 

I have met so many wonderful people who do not understand the simple principle of backing off, they equate it with giving up. 

But it has nothing at all to do with throwing in the towel. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

The point is to increase the intention, while giving up the struggle. The desired outcome remains, while the difficulty of getting there is eliminated.

There are so many advantages to backing off, when understood properly.

There are many advantages 

In spite of the seemingly unnatural solution of backing off when you want something really bad, it actually gives you several advantages.

Finding effortless solutions 
When you peel yourself away from the things that you are eager to have, you might even feel magnetised to the outcome, you will notice that having a helicopter view reveals solutions you have not even thought of. Solutions that are most likely better, simpler and easier than the ones you have pursued. 

Gaining energy
Let’s be honest, chasing something by determinations and power takes a lot of energy. When you back off from your eagerness to achieve your goal, you can relax and open up to simpler and less exhausting ways that will get you what you want, even faster than you could have imagined.

Having more fun
After having discovered some easier options and saved up some well deserved energy, you will soon see that letting go of being stuck on a particular way of getting what you want, frees up a space of playfulness and ease. A place you might have neglected and not visited in a while.

This is how it’s done 

There is a simple formula to follow if you want to achieve your desires quicker and easier. I can show you how it’s done in The 5 Steps to Joy Mastery, a simple step-by-step training. 

DISCLAIMER: It won’t work by just reading it – you have to apply it as well 🙂

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" I feel like a new person, Joanna. THANK YOU! I felt so helpless and limited, but now I actually feel optimism and discovered some solutions I was blinded to before. I have struggled for so long - so thank you from the bottom of my heart! "
Karin B
Social worker

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