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A breathtaking feeling of love filled my entire body, spreading wonderful happiness and joy to every cell – the day I began my contact with the channelled voice. And now the voice wants me to share this amazing possibility with you. 

I’m the first to agree that this is rather odd

So years later after it all began, and after spending lots of time worrying what people will think about this phenomenon, here I am – answering the calling from this voice and to share my very personal journey with you. I have been skirting around this unusual occurrence for many years, but I can’t ignore it any longer, in spite of it all being rather odd.

Read the channelled empowerment messages from a Higher Source.

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You have a very important job to do

This voice I have been in touch with wants you and me to do a very important job here on earth – to love everything and everyone much, much more. To love ourselves, and each other. To love every animal and every weather. To love sincerely and passionately. To love the deserving but the non-deserving even more.

It has nothing to do with religion

Before I go any further, I want to make sure you understand that this has nothing to do with religion – but everything to do with spirituality. There’s nothing organised about the beautiful and insightful messages I get; the voice speaks to each and every individual in the human collective.

You can experience Heaven On Earth

I am not exaggerating when I say that following the suggestion of loving everything is the absolutely best feeling – like living in heaven right here on earth. There is nothing more awesome or beautiful, and nothing can get you off keel like it used to. 




" At first I thought it was strange, but I know Joanna is a reliable person so I started reading - and now I can't stop. It feels so good reading the poignant messages. They make so much sense. "
Ulrika - physical therapist
After reading the book Get Happier Than a Billionaire

I’d love to help you out! with my simple and soothing method! Hello, I’m Joanna Armstrong, and I have been an emotional relief expert since 2009. Primarily, I use the exceptionally efficient method called Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT-tapping, with my clients. You are welcome to TRY IT for yourself >

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