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Bliss and Joy

Use soothing bliss and joy to find freedom in your life


I have some really exciting news for you. The BlissyJoy Challenge is open now. You can sign up for the The BlissyJoy Challenge right NOW, and for the next 24 hours, you can get it for a special early-bird price of $XX (normally $XX).

This course focuses on some of the concepts in my book The BlissyJoy but goes even deeper. Best of all, I’ll be there guiding you and encouraging you as you simplify your life.

Joy has the power to change lives. I know it has changed mine in countless ways. But in this course we are going deeper.

If you’ve ever struggled with any of these areas, this course is for you:

  • Living a healthier life with less busyness and distraction
  • Wanting to pursue practical simplicity that helps you create more with less
  • Connecting (or reconnecting) with your heart
  • Living in the present so you can enjoy life more today
  • Setting Boundaries or saying no
  • Letting go of things in your life

The The BlissyJoy Challenge includes three modules titled Making You, Making Space, and Making Time. Each module will help you create the life you want. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, you will have the tools to help you change your life from the ground up. Best of all, the course content is not going away. You will have lifetime access to these tools.

Imagine having healthy boundaries in place, having time to connect with your heart and feeling light and free.

The The BlissyJoy Challenge includes XX videos, helpful exercises, worksheets and exclusive interviews with some of my closest friends and experts, such as xxx xxxx.

I truly want to help you transform your life. In order to do that, support and encouragement are essential, so I’m also including three live group video calls with me as well as access to the Soulful Simplicity online community so you can create lasting change.

If you’d like to learn how The BlissyJoy Challenge can give you a happier, more fulfilled life, click here to learn more and join now. You’ll have immediate access to several introductory video lessons. And if you join before tomorrow (September 10th) at 11:59 Pacific time, you’ll receive an early-bird rate of $99 (normally $129).

Download your BlissyJoy Guide

This is for your if your are tired of trying to solve it on your own.

Stop doing


Start being

Do you feel a YEARNING to get out of the suffocating rut you're in?
Is something in your way of getting what you REALLY want?
Are you squeezed and stifled by all the things you SHOULD be doing?

Then it's time to start living from your heart with bliss and joy.

Learn to BACK AWAY to get ahead easier
. the broader perspective lies in backing off the problem
. forging ahead just gives you a bloody forehead
. feel/enjoy the freedom of backing away
. feel gratitude for having a solution to your pain
. go off doing something else so the solution can come to you

What is FreedomMentor?

Living life from the depth of your heart gives you strength and courage to see your current situation in a new light - so you can change it with ease - no matter how it looks right now.

If you feel helpless and overwhelmed by how to solve your life's challenges, then focusing on love, gratitude and your inner truth will reveal your solution with ease.

Go deep inside yourself to find the place where your freedom lives.

Based on 10 years of client experience

FreedomMentor - an unusually effective solution to get unstuck

This is for you if ...

You have struggled with a life issue for a while and there is a lack of balance in your daily life.
Your happiness is fleeting and superficial and the days are running away and you are still stuck.
You have tried to change your situation one or many times without any luck or lasting result.


You believe your stress gives you a powerful edge

If I'm too relaxed I'll loose my energy and drive


If I just push on -
It will get better

I don't have time to take care of it now


You get more productive, the more you sleep

You operate from a maximized state


When you relax you get healthier

The body gets a chance to restore itself


The more you relax, the more problems you can solve

You get more creative solutions

Ready to start thriving?

Then you can look forward to days filled with ease, joy, and a constant feeling of freedom in spite of your situation.

Instead of focusing on what is not resolved, you now enjoy a deeper sense of wellbeing, unrelated to outer circumstances.

You start noticing that your days feel easy and light, and your issues are not bothering you any longer. Amazingly a feeling of strength and resolve is at the core of your being.

Soon you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what is going on in your surroundings, you live from your true essence, full of bliss and joy, and are no longer bothered by life's curve balls.

It turns out that you can feel great, before your life circumstances are any different.

Start training Bliss

8 week program

Join me in my 8 week program where you will get my personal support and guidance to help you get unstuck and practice the powerful and creative force of bliss and joy.

Clients say ...

Thank you for your amazing guidance. I really feel relief and know which steps to take forward. I have come closer to myself and see my true value now.
Trying out Laser Coaching
A very intense session with soothing and attentive coaching. Joanna guided me so I came closer to my inner self and my true essens.

Liberate Your Life by Living From Bliss


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Start practicing Bliss and Joy
for 8 weeks

Get unstuck with my guidance
in an 8-week Mentor Program.

1. VIP Laser Coaching
2. Group Training
3. Tailored homework
4. A Bliss and Joy course

and much more ...

You can look forward to ...

A lot of deep transformation happens in our training - here are some examples:

Obstacles dissapear

and you experience freedom

Smile more often

your difficulties fade

Stand your ground

and feel strong in your body

Feel secure

in your body and soul

The struggle is over

and you se an open road ahead

A soothing, simple and tried training and guidance so you can feel better in your life

Your pleasant journey

You get guidance and support all the way

In spite of feeling shaky in the beginning of your freedom journey, you soon notice the signs of Freedom.  

The journey might sway at first, but you soon feel  the possibility on the horizon.

You get guidance every step of the way, and can look forward to your amazing result very soon.

This is for you who feel ...


You rush along in life and struggle to keep up with everything


You worry about small and large things, but can not break the habit


You struggle to muster up enough energy to do all that need doing


Feel that you should be able to enjoy life more

Free yourself from days filled with doubt, frustration, feeling stuck and other challenges.

VIP: Laser Coaching

Get free soon

with focused and laser quick effect

You get your own Laser Coaching sessions where the effect shows up even sooner due to the methods we use, and the time limitation which gives you more drive, motivation, and initiative.

Soon you will learn how to use the techniques in FreedomMentor. It does not have to take a long time to be free.


Laser Coaching is an ultra focused coaching for achieving motivation, drive and initiative - in record time.

Laser Coaching

Some have already tried

The Laser Coachingen lasted 15 min in a private meeting online

_ 8 weeks _

week 1-4

Book your own times when it suits you for Laser Coaching. If you can not join the group training, you can watch the recording afterwards.

v1: Laser Coaching*

30 min

A private meeting to get you jumpstarted releasing your obstacle/-s


v2: Group training

90 min

We practice Freedom with unusually effective methods.

You get private coaching + support from the group dynamic.

v3: Laser Coaching*

15 min

A private meeting to go deep releasing your obstacle/-s


v4: Group training

90 min

We practice Joy with unusually effective methods.

You get private coaching + support from the group dynamic.

week 5-8

If you get rid of a challenge during your first month, you can continue with another one the next month.

v5: Laser Coaching*

15 min

A private meeting to go deep releasing your obstacle/-s. Maybe you have a new one we can look at.


v6: Group training

90 min

We practice Freedom with unusually effective methods.

You get private coaching + support from the group dynamic.

v7: Laser Coaching*

30 min

A private meeting to go deep releasing your obstacle/-s. and you look forward towards an even clearer future.


v8: Group training

90 min

We practice Joy with unusually effective methods.

You get private coaching + support from the group dynamic.

* Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching is an ultra focused coaching to achieve motivation, drive and initiative – in record time.

Some of the methods used in FreedomMentor are:

. EFT tapping

. Sedona method

. BlissyJoy Happiness training

Get free in spite of life's challenges

Everything we do is based on the latest scientific findings and my Happiness training at Berkeley University

You get ALL of this in FreedomMentor

4 - Private sessions

Du får 4 st Laser Coaching sessioner för att snabbt och fokuserat bli av med dina hinder

4 - Group trainings

Vi träffas gemensamt tisdag och torsdag. Om du inte kan vara med Live, så får du inspelningen i efterhand

4 - Tailored homework

Specialanpassade inspelningar att lyssna på, eller övningar att utföra mellan de privata mötena

The BlissyJoy course

Lyckokursen BlissyJoy ger dig praktiska tips och vetenskaplig bakgrund

Community in a private FB group

Du får spontan hjälp och stöttning bland likasinnade

Mentor Discount 50%

Halva priset på ordinarie privatsessioner med Joanna

BONUS - Book on the power of love

Bli först med att läsa kärleksboken medan jag skriver den.

Du får löpande kapitel, där du får inspiration, tips och råd om hur du kan använda kärlekskraften för att växa som människa.

BETA GROUP FreedomMentor - Start 17 okt 2019 - 19:00-21:00

Choose your plan

In exchange for the amazing BETA GROUP discount I hope you will be able to answer some simple questions during the program.

The BlissyJoy course will show up in your mail as soon as you have joined

Only group training

495 kr/mån

(reg 695 kr/per month)

Discount code: FRIHET

ENTIRE Package - Partial pay

1990 kr

2 partial payments

PASSA-PÅ: Smygpremiärpris

ENTIRE Package + Bonus

3980 kr


PASSA-PÅ: Smygpremiärpris


1 Extra Privat möte

START NOW - book your privat meeting. All details will arrive in your mail.


Joanna Armstrong

For ten years, I have helped over thousands of people get rid of everything from a sweet tooth to anxiety and fobias, with the help of EFT-tapping. I have helped them get free from undesirable feelings and behaviors.


.  10 years as cert EFT-terapeut and -mentor

.  Runs a therapy office KnackPunkten in Stockholm

.  Writes her 2nd book – about the power of Love

.  Has a passion for simple yet effective solutions

.  Offers Freedom and Joy training in BlissyJoy


Min bok om EFT tapping/-knackning
finns på AdLibris 
och Bokus.




c/o KnackPunkten

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