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Are you like many successful people – letting troubling feelings and unpleasant mindset sabotage your joy? 

It turns out that you can improve your feelings in seconds* – whenever you want – to feel at ease, full of joy and truly satisfied. At work, business and home. 

Let heartfelt joy be your natural state – in the middle of any challenge – with the help of this simple solution.



*After using the app a few times, many get a sense of soothing emotional relief in less than 1 minute. To feel empowered takes 3-15 min at first.

Based on research from institutions such as:

Is your work / life situation a mess, and you are exhausted from juggling countless chores and feeling guilty for not being able to live up a never ending list of expectations?

Perhaps you, like many successful people, are stuck in impostor syndrome; feeling judged, not good enough or afraid of making mistakes.

You will be happy to know that you are not alone and there is a simple solution. You can relieve your sabotaging feelings with ease, so you can feel relief, clarity and satisfaction instead.

Try the powerful solution my clients are praising – today.

You can look forward to
powerful results

Based on your needs and selections, you will be guided along on a customized step-by-step path to ease, joy and satisfaction.

Start using this simplified version of EFT-tapping. Easy and straightforward to use. No tech to download.

App Testimonials

The Panic Attack Stopped

Thank you so much for helping me get rid of it.

Feels Like Real Sessions

I love your voice, it puts me at ease at once.

Thank You So Much

Very few people do this as well as you.

The App Makes Me Feel Better

Thank you for creating this simple tool.

TYPICAL RESULTS ARE: Sensing a lightness, a lifting of a burden and feeling of being off the hook. Feeling refreshing ease, peaceful flow and self appreciation. Experiencing a stronger posture, self confidence and optimism for the future.

Use it for:

  • Struggling with colleagues
  • Feeling pressure from projects
  • Guilt from neglecting family
  • Poor business results
  • Unexpected difficulties
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Caring for ageing parents
  • Going through a separation
  • Struggling with unruly children
  • Age related discomforts
  • Feeling dissatisfied

TRY THE APP NOW: Later you can upgrade to the full experience.

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APP DETAILS: Lowers stress levels, reduces anxiety, removes fears, relieves pain, makes for better sleep and much more, according to clinical research. The training in the Feel Better Faster App™ is based on Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT-tapping. It is recommended by doctors, psychologists and emotional experts such as Mark Hyman MD, Ruth Buczynski PhD, Dawson Church PhD, Eric Leskowitz MD, and many more.

Works on all mobiles and computers – No program to download.

About Me

Joanna Armstrong

Since 2009, I have had the honor and privilege of helping countless professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to eliminate troubling feelings and stuck behaviors unusually fast. My clients end up feeling deeply empowered, blissfully joyful and soothingly at ease. 

I have helped my clients get rid of everything from cravings and manias to anxiety and phobias – as well as sleeping difficulties. 

But a few years ago, I got in touch with an inner guidance and a feeling of breathtaking love and my various happiness trainings are the fruits of this experience.

Featured in magazines

" I had been stuck for over a year, feeling hopeless and exhausted from spinning my wheels so hard. Quite honestly, I felt ashamed that I could not figure out how to get out of the sticky situation at work. Thank you Joanna for helping me see a new way ahead - instead of roadblocks and impossibilities. "
" You have given me hope again. My friend told me how you had helped her, and I'm so glad I listened. My ordinary life has a shimmering silver lining now and everything seems easier. I am so grateful for your insights and loving personality Joanna! I can't wait to continue. "
" I must admit it seemed a bit impossible to change my feelings as quickly as you claimed, but you were right Joanna. It feels better already and I see my partner in a new light, after our first meeting - AMAZING! And to think I have been frustrated for so long. "
" I was so stressed out and didn't feel like myself anymore, but after a few minutes of practicing with Joanna I burst out into an elated smile for no reason at all! It actually came from the inside and I felt strong and proud, and yet my circumstances were still the same. "