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1. Sit in a quiet place

2. Pick one emotion to work on

2. Follow my instructions

Read some reviews below if you are in doubt.

JOIN ME HERE. I know it might feel odd doing this, but I have 10 years experience guiding clients. So follow along anyway and let yourself be pleasantly surprised. Many have already been helped by this video – read their reviews below.

Some have tried my video-help

TRANSLATION: This exercise has helped me a lot! Thank you and thank you again.

TRANSLATION: Thank you so much!! Very few swedes do this, and you do it phenomenally. Thanks <3.

TRANSLATION: I was about to have a panic attack. Thank you so much for helping me get rid of it <3.

About Joanna Armstrong

I am one of the lucky ones – I get to work with what I absolutely love doing. So for the past ten years, I have had the privilege to help clients get rid of everything from cravings and manias to anxiety and phobias. I have helped my clients get rid of deeply unwanted feelings and stuck behaviours.

But a few years ago, I began to make contact with an inner voice and a feeling of breathtaking love that filled me with wonderful happiness and joy. The Freedom and Happiness training in BlissyJoy, and the channeling of the Love Book, are the results of this experience.


.  10 years cert EFT-practitioner and mentor

.  Runs her private clinic KnackPunkten in Stockholm, Sweden

.  Is writing her 2nd book – about the Power of Love

.  Is passionate about simple yet effective solutions

.  Offers Freedom and Happiness Training in BlissyJoy

I have led groups, workshops and spoken on large stages to share my holistic solution.

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BlissyJoy was created to provide a service based on cutting edge science and heart-centered practises in order to facilitate personal growth and individual empowerment.