Get Emotional Relief in Seconds

in business, work and home

Would you like to be able to snap out of negative thoughts and feelings quickly? So you can feel at ease, peaceful and stable - whenever YOU want?

LEARN the BEST and absolutely FASTEST way in this live training online.

based on studies from institutions – such as

Leading edge studies show that loving emotions contain a powerful psychoenergetic component which helps to heal the physical body and emotional mind.

So learn how easy it is to use the soothing energy of love to go from being upset and feeling down to experiencing a positive, calm and a hopeful feeling – no matter what challenges you are facing.

Get Relief in Seconds

For work-related issues

  • Struggling with employees or co-workers
  • Feeling pressure from job responsibilities
  • Poor business results
  • Unexpected failures

Use it Everywhere

For private issues

  • Caring for aging parents
  • Going through a divorce
  • Struggling with unruly children
  • Age related crisis
  • Feeling disappointed

Enjoy Empowerment

Without having to wait

  • Boost your joy in a deep and soothing way
  • Turn around a negative feeling in seconds
  • Simple to learn with lasting effects
  • Based on body-psyche studies

Stop SETTLING and PRETENDING to be happy. 
Begin your new journey to DEEP JOY and PROFOUND HAPPINESS today.

Join the many others who are not content living small emotionally restricted lives, and want to exchange it for the joy and bliss that is waiting for them on the inside of their hearts and souls. Begin your new journey to deep joy and profound happiness today.

This IS for:

  • Busy executives who want to lead in a heart-centered way without emotional roadblocks and guilty feelings.

  • Managers stuck in the decision making process wanting to feel empowered and full of confidence.

  • Business owners who are overwhelmed with responsibility, looking to run their business with ease and satisfaction.

  • Entrepreneurs struggling to keep up with the stress of building their business, wanting to enjoy the fruits of their labor no matter what level of success they have achieved.

This is NOT for you

  • If you’d rather solve things on your own and don’t want others to meddle in your business.

  • If you are not open to cutting edge ideas and solutions.

  • If quick and easy solutions seem impossible.

No need for a long, drawn out process

Use anytime and anywhere

Countless driven leaders, powerful professionals and heart-centered business owners have been thrilled at how effective and life changing the Heart Powered SUCCESS method is. 

You will learn the most effective and tried elements from: Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT-tapping, Positive Psychology, Sedona method and the scientific solutions of transformative heart energy. 

Start practising and watch it create profound improvements in your work, business and private life.

Impressive testimonials

Good to stand my ground

" I feel so much better about standing up for my values and point of view. My whole body feels lighter and energized. I felt better in the very first session. "

Christine Nordgren 

Interior Designer

Better than 2 yrs of therapy

" Joanna has in 7 sessions helped me do inner child work on a level that i have not come close to during 2 years of regular talk therapy. She is very good at was she does. "
Kristoffer Johnsen, CTO

Struggle with co-workers is gone

" I wish I had found you sooner - it would have saved me so much struggle at work! I can see that I was letting myself be squeezed in between the office partners and my team. I have found my personal way of putting down my foot, without feeling guilty or inappropriate. "
Paula - lawyer

Highly powerful

" Have had some powerful and transformational sessions with Joanna. Can't recommend her highly enough. She takes good care of you in a empathetic and professional way. Regardless of whether it is a candy craving or a serious problem."
Alexander Herold, entrepreneur

Huge results after 1 session

" Before my session with Joanna, I had been nervous, very sad and angry about my long time fear of diseases. After that one session I have been calm, felt strong and really happy! It's the best technique I have ever used. So easy and so very powerful! "
Annica Edvardsson, mental trainer, NLP practioner

Stress is gone

" Thank you Joanna, I feel so much better, with a peaceful feeling in my entire body. The stress and frustration is gone. This method seems to work, which makes me thrilled. "
Elisabet - business owner

I'm charging more

After our first session last week, I went home fully confident to be able to INCREASE THE COSTS FOR MY SERVICES to my clients after many months of insecurity about doing so before. Now I've made calls with great results. It's so amazing how effective your method is Joanna. Looking forward to much more of this.
Helene - store owner

I can sleep again

I had done everything to be able to sleep. Read every book and followed all the suggestions I could get my hands on. My medication wasn't really helping and I was at the end of my rope when I went to see Joanna. I am so glad I did! I SLEEP NORMALLY AGAIN, after just one session. No more sleepless nights tossing and turning in desperation. You must see Joanna!
Sylvia - retired manager

We get along now

Joanna, I have missed you so much since our sessions, and I keep thinking of everything you have helped me with. I am doing so well now, and I have such a GREAT CONNECTION WITH MY COLLEAGUES now, thanks to you. I feel so grounded and calm. Nothing seems to bother me like it used to.
Marianne - banker

The 6-Week Schedule

WE start March 11, 2023

Live meEtings: Tuesdays 1:00PM ET, 19:00 CET.

WEEKS 0 – 6

Quick-Start Training

As soon as you sign up you get the quick-start Stress Relief training in your email.

1: Eliminate sabotaging feelings

Clear out what is sabotaging you happiness, so you can get ahead feeling strong and optimistic.

Reprogram your cellular memory.

2: Soothe your emotions

Learn the quickest way to feel calming relief so you can snap out of negativity in seconds. 

USE THE APP as much as you want.

3: Empower what works

Feel proud of your current achievements to use them as strong momentum ahead.

Boost your psychoenergetic center.

4: Get Bubbly Happy

Learn how to boost your positive feelings for an optimistic resolve.

Learn to use happiness inflation.

5: Catch Up Week

Look back on the training and practice your favorite sections some more.

6: Dream Big and Bold

Envision and plan out the simplest way to reach your abundant work-life success.

Enhance your intuitive powers.

You get:

5 Live Trainings in Group

We meet on Tuesdays 1:00PM ET, 19:00 CET, via Zoom.

Course Materials

Worksheets and step-by-step training materials. You get very powerful tools for surprisingly fast results.

Ongoing Support

Daily support in a private FB group. Get empowered to stay on track in a community of heart-centred people.



Practice feeling joyful anywhere and anytime you want, using the easy to use and fully customised training app.



90-min training to cement the learning from the course by putting it all together in a way that is the best fit for you.



Simplify the way to reach your goals with a crystal clear road map of the most effective steps ahead.

21 DAYS of Words of Support

Stay on track with words of inspiration and  encouragement in your email.

14 DAYS of Gratitude Journal

Delve into one of the nicest ways to experience the mighty effects of Heart Power.


You can look forward to receiving more materials that enhance your journey to success and empowerment.

Meet the expert

Joanna Armstrong









Since 2009, I have had the privilege to help professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners to eliminate troubling feelings and stuck behaviors unusually fast – to feel truly empowered, joyful and at ease. I have helped my clients get rid of everything from cravings and manias to anxiety and phobias – as well as sleeping difficulties – in a proven efficient way.

But a few years ago, I began to make contact with an inner voice and a feeling of breathtaking love that filled me with wonderful happiness and joy. My various online courses and training that I offer are the result of this experience.

5 Quick facts about Joanna

  • 14 years as a certified EFT-coach and mentor.
  • Runs her clinic KnackPunkten in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Is writing her 2nd book – about the Power of Love.
  • Passionate about sharing simple yet effective solutions.
  • Is married with 2 sons, 2 cats, and 1 dog.

Featured in magazines

Special Offer

See IMPROVEMENTs from day 1

  • In the COURSE you will learn the background and theory.
  • The customised APP will help you practice feeling better.
  • The LIVE GROUP MEETINGS will bring it all together.

We start March 11, 2023.

Live mettings: Tuesdays 1:00PM ET, 19:00 CET.

The Live sessions will be recorded if you can't join live.


$ 497 One Time Payment
  • QuickStart Training
  • Course - 5 Lesson
  • 5 Live Meetings in Group - online
  • Unlimited Support in FB Group
  • BONUS 1: Training App - Custom
  • BONUS 2: Live Masterclass - 90 min
  • BONUS 3: Road Map to Success
  • 21 DAYS of Words of Support
  • 14 DAYS of Gratitude Journal


You will most likely feel better in the Quick Start Training or our very first live meeting, and then go from clarity to clarity every week.

Surprisingly, you can get quick improvements with lasting results after our very first live meeting together. But as you practice across the weeks, it will be progressively easier for you to shift all sorts of feelings and mindset on your own in a permanent way.

Going through the lesson will take 15-20 min. The pleasant daily practice will take 2-5 minutes, ideally 3-4 times per day. No worries if you miss a few days – you can always catch up as you go along.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-tapping) combines Chinese acupressure and modern talk therapy to alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once. No fancy equipment needed.

Positive Psychology is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play – learning positivity, resilience and grit.

The science of cutting edge metaphysics, used by renowned scholarly institutions, shows that your feelings and intentions play a vital role in how things materialise and affect your mind and body. 

This is a hands-on training where you learn and train to feel really good in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. That is why you need to practice each step, and not just rush through the facts. Knowledge alone won’t bring about change. Hence, every week you will get a new, easily digestible, element of the program to practice on situations in your life.

If you got the fast action bonus, the Deep Dive Session is 50 min.

The app is set up so you can select from a variety of issues, according to your needs. People report it feels like a private session. You can use the app on all computers and mobile phones.

You get a full 60-day money back guarantee – no questions asked. This is how sure I am that you will be happy with your results.

All you need to do is go through the program, which will also act as your accountability incentive.

The Guarantee starts when you pay.

There is no payment plan for this training.

I would love to hear from you if you have more questions, thoughts or ideas. So please email me at answer@blissyjoy.com

Get a 60-day GUARANTEE

The Guarantee starts when we have our first course meeting.

So what if this solution would actually work for you, as it has for countless of my previous clients? How would that feel, and how would it change your life?

To make your decision easier you can go through the entire program to decide if it’s right for you. You have nothing to lose, as you get a full 60-day money back guarantee – no questions asked.

This is how sure I am that you will be pleased with your results. All you need to do is to go through the course and ask for help when you need it.

This guarantee will also act as your accountability.

You have nothing to lose.


BlissyJoy™ was created by Joanna Armstrong to provide a service, based on cutting edge science and heart-centered practises, in order to facilitate personal growth and leadership empowerment.