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With us YOU GET PAID to Network

But That's Just The Beginning

With our Simple Profits System, we remove financial worries, enabling conscious minded solopreneurs and small business owners to focus on peaceful growth and meaningful impact. Join us on this journey to create a brighter, friendlier, and more compassionate world for all.

Join the GREEN iN HEART Business Collaboration Network

The NEW Profitable Way To Network

We Give you so much more than just Networking

We Promote You Website

We drive traffic to your site to increase your sales reach.

You get expert tools

We provide essential tools and sales trainings for success in today's competitive market.

We Empower your mindset

We share success mindset practices to boost your confidence in tackling challenges with ease.

Get Visible on Social Media

We SEO boost your social media platforms for higher visibility and ranking.

get expert sales templates

As soon as you sign up you get 5 highly effective invitation templates, expertly designed to drive sales like never before.

Get the most effective AI Prompts

We show you how to speak AI so you get the most efficient help from this game-changing tool.

You Earn big Finders Fees

Our extremely generous finders fees will be your first way of making money while you sleep.

Get passive income Easily

We show you the most effective way to earn passive income to make your offers more attractive.

Get Sales pages Optimized

Fine-tune your sales pages, optimizing them for maximum effectiveness and higher conversions.

... and that is just the beginning

We help you Profit From Doing Good

Are you tired of pouring your heart and soul into your business only to find that the money isn’t flowing in as you hoped? We understand the frustration and disheartenment that comes with the constant struggle to make ends meet. You have tried it all before, from endless marketing tactics to exhausting sales efforts, leaving you feeling like you’re spinning your wheels with little to show for it. But fear not, because we have a solution for you.

The Simple Profits System – What sets us apart from other business networks is our commitment to shortening the road to profits by giving you some quick wins to start with. With the Simple Profits System we’re here to take the guesswork out of sales and boost your profit making skills, streamline your business and add more value to your existing offer so it becomes magnetically desirable. It’s a win-win situation that allows you to focus on what truly matters – creating meaningful impact and growing your business with peace of mind.

Get More Sales Faster with Referrals
COLD Leads Convert 25%
REFERRED Leads Convert 50%

We will Give You Peace Of Mind

We are not like other networks. In addition to gaining access to the traditional benefits of networking and meeting new people and most likely even friends, you’ll also unlock quick profits and easy income opportunities that can complement your main offering. 

You can look forward to a steady stream of passive income, alleviating the stress of financial uncertainty and allowing you to focus on what you do best. No more worrying about where your next payment will come from or scrambling to find a job. Instead, you can concentrate on your passion and business growth, knowing that you have a reliable source of income ticking in. 

So why wait? Join us today and take the first step toward a brighter, more prosperous future.

1. Say goodbye to competitive stress and hello to a collaborative community that celebrates your success. We prioritize meaningful collaboration over cut-throat competition – no posing or putting on airs. Networking has been correlated to 78% increased productivity and business growth. Together, we can create a positive impact on the world while building successful businesses.

2. Say goodbye to financial struggles and hello to collaborative revenue streams that increase the value of your main offering and makes it more desirable. Studies show that businesses with multiple revenue streams are more resilient in times of economic uncertainty. Whether through our generous finders fee program or vetted referral programs, our network provides simple access and implementation for you to generate quality income while focusing on your core business.

3. Say goodbye to a sea of overwhelming resources and hello to simplified and tailored knowledge and support to be profitable in a competitive market. Research has shown that small businesses that invest in the right education and training are 43% more likely to be profitable. From educational workshops to the latest industry insights, our network equips you with the essential tools you need to thrive.

So join us today and let’s make it profitable to make a difference!

The advantages of Networking Online

Enjoy this relaxing way to boost your business

Come as you are

Save travel time

No need to pay for meals

We PAY YOU Finders Fees


We will share a substantial finders fees with you – from day 1 and each and every month as long as your business friend(s) are members. Sharing is caring – everybody wins!

1 person = earn $40/month
5 people = earn $200/month
10 people = earn $400/month, etc
PLUS Generous Bonuses

The Green in Heart Collaboration Network operates on an invitation-only basis, ensuring that only you receive the finder’s fee, and your contacts cannot sign up through any other means.

Your Income Will Grow within 2 weeks

We want you to start making money FAST, and the easiest way is by inviting some business friends and colleagues to our Green iN Heart Collaboration and start earning a handsome monthly recurring Finders Fee.

You get our 3-step Profit While You Sleep – Invite Formula. With the help of 3 highly effective invitation templates, expertly designed by the sales guru of the last two centuries, Frank Kern, you’ll be able to confidently promote products and drive sales like never before.

PS. You can use these templates for your own products so they sell much better.

We Can Guarantee It


A Goldmine of Sustainable Profit Options

Experience the thrill of passive income as Affiliate Partnerships pay your commissions earned on every referred sale. Let us show you the hassle-free way to make money while you sleep by collaborating with some of our Green iN Heart members. Profit from their offers or list your own. With our platform, it is simple and lucrative. We’ll show you exactly how.  

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry - and it's just getting started.

A sample of our Passive Income listing

We invite you to add your own affiliate offer here to get visibility. If you don’t have one yet we will show you how.

• Beeswax food storage wraps
Profit: 10% per sale

• Dance it out – for relief and stamina
Profit: X0% on each program

• Done for you website
Profit: $550 per sale

• Sportswear: 90% recycled materials
Profit: $X0 per sale

• Reverse the effects of aging – course
Profit: $497 per sale

• Pet treats made from food waste
Profit: 50% on each monthly subscription

• Leadership booster course
Profit: $250 per sale

• Planta Greenhouses
Profit: $X0 per sale

Get the listing of our Podcast Hosts and Speakers


List YOUR Company, Affiliate product/service, Podcast.

Join the Bi-Weekly Network Meetings – 2 HRs

In the name of efficiency we have bi-weekly Network Meetings and put all kinds of goodness into every session, such as:

• News, new members highlight and announcements
• Business growth lecture from an expert (could be you)
• Network in break-out rooms
• “I need advice/help” session in break-out rooms
• Mindset boost from an expert (could be you)

Zoom recordings will be available of the general meetings, but not of the break-out rooms.

Join the Bi-Weekly Collaboration Activities – 2 HRs
We will have support activities such as social media SEO post boosting, visibility challenges, website reviews and give-aways.

Monthly Lectures open to the general public, incl networking

(We will feature our member experts when possible, ie you)

•  “Monetize your Podcast, The Profitable Way”

•  “AI Prompting Secrets”

•  “Network Magnetism without being Pushy and Salesy”

•  “Creating Ease In The Middle Of Difficulty”

•  “8 Key Selling Tips from the Sales Whisperer”

Businesses with structured referral programs experience revenue growth.

We have your back

While entrepreneurship often feels like a lonely journey, and running a small business can be riddled with uncertainty, at the Green iN Heart Collaboration, you’re never alone. No posing or putting on airs. Whether you are introverted or extroverted – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

This is for you if you

  • Have struggled to sell your offer and made no or just a few sales so far
  • Can’t figure out why your product or offer doesn’t sell
  • Feel overwhelmed from sifting through a ton of “Good to Have Tools and Solutions” and just want to know what will make YOUR offer sell
  • Ready to ditch outdated methods that waste your time and apply what’s actually working in today’s AI-driven economy?
  • If you want to amp up your income and succeed in the business world
  • Are tired of getting support via email or a Facebook group

So if this sounds good, then join us today and let’s navigate the entrepreneurial journey together!

PREREQUISITES - You need to:

•  Have followers on email and social media
•  Sell your products/services online
•  Have a PayPal account to receive money
•  Have an attitude of collaboration

Smaller organizations use Networks to beat large competitors to new business.

Sign Up NOW

Get ready to kickstart your profits in record time! Upon signing up, you will instantly receive a captivating invitation crafted to grab the attention of your invitees, ensuring they don’t miss out. And here’s the exciting part – starting from the day your business friend(s) sign up, you’ll begin earning recurring finder’s fees every month. Don’t hesitate to take your income to the next level – join us now and enjoy the power of collaborative profits!

We begin Wed March XX
1 PM ET, 19:00 CET

The GREEN iN HEART Network

$ 49 Monthly Fee

the Green In Heart Network

Comparison to BNI Network

$ 150 Monthly Average Cost

Hurry before the price goes up



You can list one each of the following: Company, Affiliate Product/Service, Podcast.

No problem! You can earn money from other peoples programs until you have your own.

Nothing is mandatory. You join in as much as you can.

You decide who is a good fit. You can choose to collaborate with businesses sharing similar characteristics or those offering complementary products or services.

We promote the idea of cultivating multiple revenue streams, striving to make the expansion of your business both cost-effective and profitable.

Once your referral pays their monthly fee, your finders fee is processed via PayPal within 5 working days by our administration team. You’ll continue to receive your fee for each month that your referral(s) remains a member of the Green iN Heart Network.

You can update your listing at any time to reflect changes in your business, ensuring that your profile remains accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, to maintain the integrity of our network and ensure that all listings are current, we conduct status checks every 6 months.

We remove listings that are not in line with the Green in Heart Collaboration standards. But make sure to use your own judgement and have proper business agreements and safety processes in place.

DISCLAIMER: Joanna Armstrong,, and any other organizer, are not in any way responsible, and do not promise any results, from the networking opportunities provided.

Yes, you set up your own agreements with the person or business and determine the duration and termination of the collaboration.

Although we will be sad to see you go, all you need to do is to send us an email. We will cancel your membership with a 14-day notice, no questions asked.

Send your question(s) to and we will get back to you ASAP.

Joanna Armstrong,, and any other organizer of The Green in Heart Business Collaborative, are not in any way responsible, and do not promise any results, from the networking opportunities provided. Please be advised that the organizers of this event or activity assume no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury, or inconvenience incurred by participants. Participation is entirely at your own risk, and by attending, you agree to indemnify the organizers against any claims, demands, or actions arising from your involvement. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety and well-being throughout the duration of your membership.

The GREEN iN HEART Network

ABOUT the Network

Welcome to the Green iN Heart Business Collaboration Network, where conscious minded entrepreneurs come together to grow their businesses sustainably and make a positive impact on the planet.

  • Community Support

  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Educational Opportunities

  • Expanded Reach
  • Networking Events

  • Affordable Membership
  • Marketing Exposure

  • Exclusive Events
  • Resource Sharing

  • Accountability Partnerships
  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Skill Development
  • Collective Impact

  • Cross-Promotion Opportunities
  • Personal Growth

  • Brand Exposure

ABOUT the Organizer

Joanna Armstrong is the Swedish visionary business owner behind this organization. With two successful group associations* under her belt, each boasting 15+ years of operation, Joanna brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Now, she’s embarking on her third venture, steadfast in her mission to empower people to overcome obstacles with sustainable, heart-centered and collaborative strategies.

* A Women’s Business Network in her local county: LINK >
* The National Professional Association for EFT tapping in Sweden: LINK >

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