Cell Biologist uses Love to Heal the Body

It turns out that you can change your DNA with the help of loving feelings, says the renown cell biologist Bruce H Lipton, PhDAll loving feelings produce healing hormones in your body, he continues. Amazingly, he also discovered in his laboratory many years ago, that love energies are healing on a cellular level.


Your feelings control the health chemistry

When you are in love, or feeling loving feelings towards yourself or others, your body is in harmony and the brain starts releasing healing chemistry and hormones throughout the entire body.

People in love have a healthy glow about them, which is a visible sign of repair and restoration. This glowing energy encourages the cells to grow and stay healthy.


Loving feelings affect your genes

When positive and loving chemistry is flowing through the body, it also improves the genes and the behaviour to create much better health. This field of science is now called epigenetics. But unfortunately the opposite is also true.


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Sickness comes from a lack of love

In an environment or community without love, edginess and unease creates negative vibes and hormones in the body. Negative feelings create negative health.

Biological unfolding in relation to our socio-cultural unfolding.


I’d love to help you feel more love – for no reason

Still today, I’m amazed at how quickly my clients can go from despair to relief, and even joy – often in just a few minutes, with my holistic approach. And it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been struggling with a problem or an issue, sometimes even years – it works wonders no matter what.

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So what’s the secret sauce?

I’ve been working with a combination of several amazingly effective methods for over 10 years now, and the magic lies in that it’s all holistic – it relieves the blockages in the entire bodily system: feelings, emotions, mindset, cell memory, hormones and more. 

This whole-body approach of getting emotional help is called psychoenergetics, and Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT-tapping for short, is my favorite.

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Karin B - social worker
After a private session

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