Better Self-Care results in a Higher Bottom Line

Who would have thought that Self-Care and Emotional Intelligence would become the sought after qualities in a top performing leader. But after 20 years, Susan Steinbrecher is convinced that this is the only way to secure a company’s bottom line.

Emotional Connection is ESSENTIAL for success

The key to better performance is when managers and employees can achieve emotional connection and understanding for each other. When both parties have a sound priority for the importance of self-care and basic human needs. 

The ability to do the Right Thing after going inward and reflecting on the best course of action, rather than succumbing to external pressures, is one of the keys of Heart-Centered Leadership.

"There is a need for more mindful leaders who realize that self-care and authenticity have a deeply significant impact on the workforce.

Sound, ethical practices must begin from within the leader."

Psychological Wellbeing changes the BOTTOM LINE

In many ways it is extremely simple. All people want to be valued, listened to, appreciated, respected, involved and connected. If a leader can provide this for the group, the reward will not wait. Wellbeing affects productivity drastically, which in turn is reflected in the profits.

Decades of research shows that Emotional Intelligence
is what creates a Star Performer.

There is so much MORE to look forward to

The bottom line might be important to the owner of the company, but there are so many more advantages to enjoy being a heart-focused company:

  • Emotionally engaged, tuned in employees who are highly motivated to want to do their very best work
  • A workplace that attracts and keeps the best and the brightest
  • Customers and clients are satisfied and buy your products and services consistently

Heart-centered leadership makes you MORE POWERFUL

Without calling it manipulation, an associate will be more inclined to go the distance for you and your organization when inspired by you and respecting you. But more importantly, you will genuinely touch the lives of others with your care and concern.

" You won't believe it unless you try Joannas instant-relief session. It's so strangely simple, and yet it released something deep inside me. "

I’d love to help you! Hello, I’m Joanna Armstrong, and I have been a therapist and mentor since 2009. Primarily, I use the unusually efficient method called Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT-tapping, with my clients. 

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