Get 113% Stronger Immune System

EFT-tapping PLUS, including Joy Mastery, is a winning combination for comprehensive health improvements. It turns out that when one is feeling emotionally better, the body turns on it’s natural healing processes, for a 113% stronger immune system.  113% Stronger Immune System When the rapid transformation method, Emotional Freedom Technique, was scrutinized in 2019 in the Journal Read More

3 Main Reasons Sleep is Difficult

If you are having difficulties sleeping you are most likely suffering from one or more of the 3 main reasons sleep gets impaired. Find out if what they are here. Is this You?  Maybe you can relate to why people reach out to me for help. Some have already tried different advice and even medications, Read More

Self Compassion as a Cure

To counteract the damaging effects many life situations pose on our nervous system and health, emerging science supports self-compassion exercises as a vital healing practice to strengthen the Vagus nerve. Being generous and self-compassionate with oneself is not as simple as it seems. It turns out that most people find it easier to be hard Read More