5 Secrets to Get Happier than a Billionaire

The easiest ways are the best – and that’s the first step to getting happier than a billionaire. We so often overcomplicate things, believing that “If I could only…”. Well it turns out that the grass is rarely greener on the other side, in spite of the illusion from our side of the fence.

Happiness is sooo simple, yet we make it so hard

For over 10 years, I have been asking myself: Why are we feeling so bad, in spite of “having it all”? For let’s be honest, most of us have everything we need in order to lead a good life, yet for some reason it’s never enough.

As a mentor to leaders, business owners and professionals, I have been paid to help these amazing people feel better, in all areas of their life. Yet, all along I have been wondering why such clever people are having such a hard time with their tough and troubling feelings.

And slowly, over time, it dawned on me – they are focusing on clearing up the mess that isn’t working, instead of focusing on how to enjoy themselves and to be really happy. They are suffering from perfectionism and have performance anxiety.

So let me share the 5 Secrets to Get Happier than a Billionaire with you. 

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1. Make everything EASY

MICROTASKING: The more you simplify your life, the easier it will be to feel a sense of accomplishment. With 50 things on a to-do-list the task becomes daunting. 5 items feel doable and you feel good about it. Chunk things down and make each task easy to accomplish, but better yet – eliminate as many things you can get away with.

2. SELF-LOVE no matter what

SELF GRATIFICATION: I don’t want you to confuse self-love with selfishness, as one is healing and the other destructive. The simplest clarifications can be described in two clarifying sentences.

SELFISHNESS is when you have no regard for anyone else.
SELF-LOVE is when you boost yourself so you can be there for others.

3. Prioritise HEALTH over matter

REFOCUS: In our modern society we have confused the importance of BEING and replaced it with the chase of HAVING. Happiness science is showing that it is when we prioritise our bodily health, friendships and good relations and spiritual connection, that we experience true joy.

4. BACK AWAY – to get ahead

HELICOPTER VIEW: It’s never good to force a matter, yet that is the way we do most things as high-achievers. Often, as if by magic, the best insights and solutions come to us when we allow ourselves to back away from a challenge, or even sleep on it. The answer gives us great pleasure and satisfaction. 

5. Appreciate the TINY THINGS

The more we try to achieve big goals – the higher the fall when we fail. Not to mention the wait. It usually takes a while to realise our big dreams, and that’t why it’s important to enjoy the very tiniest ones. The simple equation is that the more small reasons we have to be happy – the happier we will be.

SO DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER – Start focusing on improving your feelings, to get really happy and healthy.



" I always felt guilty taking care of myself. I was raised to help out and be a good person. But I can't do it anymore - I'm cracking under the pressure. It feels like such a relief to use your solution. Thank you Joanna. "
Gertrud P - teacher
After training in BlissyJoy VIP

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